He's beautiful.

You know, in the way that all the girls love him.

That soft hair of his.

The way that he's always brushing it back with his hand.

Those eyes.

They are sparkling, wonderful, gorgeous.

His body.

Athletic muscles any guy would die for.

That face that everyone loves.

So fine and perfect, like a flower or a painting.

His voice.

Like a singer's, only he is usually only talking.

Everything about him is perfect.

He has his choice of girls,

And even boys,

If he wants to swing that way.

He's beautiful, amazing, perfect.

I hate him.

He steals the spotlight away form everyone else.

He's always in the way.

He pretends to not care, but I can see it.

He knows that he's better looking than everyone else.

So he rubs it in with everything he does.

That son of a bitch.