Of course, my mum arrived half an hour later in a state of panic. She spent the first ten minutes checking I was alright, and the next ten minutes berating Richard for not calling her earlier.

Once she realised I was fine, she calmed down quickly. She's like that, my mum. She was born Charlotte Fraser, has curly light brown hair and isn't especially tall.

She thanked Richard and Jake, and we went home. It was a long time before I walked through that field again, I can tell you. My nightmares were filled with Ice Wolves, and Jake wasn't in my dreams to rescue me.

I tried not to think about it too much when I went back to school. I often met up with Kassidy – and sometimes Emmalina too – after school.

Sometimes I would meet Kirsten, the woman who could turn into a dog, and she would teach me. 'Tutor', she called it. She explained about being a Were.

The First Law, she told me, is that no non-Majik person can ever see you shift. This would reveal Majik to them, and it is an international Majik law (from the First Council of the Trustees) not to reveal it to anybody who doesn't have it.

Kirsten also told me about the other types of Majik. Spirits and Faeries were more or less the same, except that Faeries had wings and Spirits did not. They had different powers depending on what sort of Spirit or Faery they were. Kassidy and Xanthe, for example, were Earth Faeries, which mean they could grow plants Majikaly.

Then we talked about Human Majik Users. I thought it a strange name, considering we were all human (most of the time, anyway), but Kirsten explained that they had always been called that. Enchanters could do Majik with their minds: telekinesis, teleportation, making things happen and similar things, but were rare. Wizards used candles, pentagrams and complicated maths to do spells. Witches and Warlocks, she explained, were more or less the same, both doing Majik with ingredients and incantations like a recipe. There were Diviners too, who saw the future, and Healers, which is self-explanatory. Richard's wife Tanya, it turned out, was a Healer.

Then there were the Bonders. Bonders, Kirsten explained, had mind links with different creatures, as well as taking on the powers of those creatures. In this way Claire, a dragon Bonder, could conjure and extinguish fire at will, as well as having the dragon ability to sense people's emotions.

"Majik" she went on to explain "is complicated. Really complicated. It evolves chemistry, physics, biology, phycology, history, geography, maths… and just about everything else you learn at school."

"Wow." I said, impressed "How come?"

"Well" explained Kirsten "Take physics, for example. There's something called Majik energy, which is what you use when you become a fox. Your body converts chemical energy from your food into Majik energy."

I frowned, my ten-year-old brain already confused. "Right. What about history?"

"Oh, that's simple enough. For instance, long ago the only Majik in England was Weres and Bonders. Human Majik Users were introduced when the Romans invaded, and then Vampyres when the Vikings came. Spirits and Faeries weren't brought over until William the Conqueror. Most over sorts of Majik died out a bit, until around Tudor times when HMUs came back into fashion."

"Cool! I get it!" I said. I looked at my watch, and realised how late it was. We'd been sitting talking for longer than I thought. "I'd better be going!"

On leaving the badminton centre, I discovered that is was pouring with rain. I ran for home, with the rain lashing down and thunder rumbling. Every so often the dark shy would be lit up with a flash of lightning, like a flickering lightbulb.

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