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Thunder rolled menacingly across the sky as Jane waited in the damp streets of Glasgow. The clouds were heavily laden with forecast snow but it had not fallen at the time. The belly of the clouds were heavily tinged with grey, as if a rampant giant two year old used the sky as their drawing canvas and had leaned too hard on the marker. The wind whipped the few remaining leaves off the nearby trees as the branches looked like they were trying to repair the damage the child's marker had done. The skeleton like trees were planted in vain as an attempt to keep that part of town friendly looking. If anything it looked more threatening as a result. Jane was leaning against a huge drab grey wall. The dampness had soaked into the cement, leaving it look like it was crying as droplets of water ran down it in streams. Next to her stood a terrace of houses, with not a full pane of glass between them. The places where the glass should have been left an ugly gaping maw like hole. As the wind picked up it rattled the rubbish thrown carelessly into the gutter. The remnants of chip bags blocked the drains in soggy heaps, causing the previous rainfall to gush down the road and over the broken black tarmac.

Jane heard the crunch of footsteps to her left. As she swung around, her cropped mousy blonde hair blew into her eyes in the self-made wind. Her stony grey eyes were hard as she glared into the dusk. They were as hard as the concrete wall she leant against. The earlier rain had plastered her hair to her head. It also made the long white scar across her pale right cheek glisten menacingly in the faint light of a nearby street light. Her milk-bottle like skin stood out as a sharp contrast to the well-worn black leather jacket, black jeans and black boots she wore. If someone saw her out of the corner of their eye, they would have thought she was a ghost. The sharp contrast between the paleness of her skin and the darkness of her clothes was almost a symbol of Jane's personality before and after the accident. Before Julie, Jane's best friend was stabbed to death for wearing green and white and being in the wrong place in Glasgow at the wrong time, Jane was optimistic, cheerful and outgoing. Her once vibrant personality was like a lost treasure. Her friends and family put up with her mood as they thought she had lost some of who she was as she held her best friend and watched her bleed out while she cried tears of blood out the right side of her face.

Jane's eyes narrowed as she heard the crunching of leaves, gravel and rubbish that people were too lazy to put in bins draw nearer. Her heart rate increased and her breath came out in short pants. She was terrified. She knew she shouldn't be where she was but that didn't stop her from being there. She mentally slapped herself, 'Stop it Jane, you are here for a reason' she mentally scolded herself. The crunching sounds became closer but they were too light for it to be the big 6 ft. 3 solid slab of muscle she was expecting. Her hummingbird heartbeat dramatically slowed down as a small ginger kitten showed itself in the gloom. The small kitten only looked a few weeks old as its scrawny self wobbled over to Jane in search of food. Jane knelt down and slowly stretched her hand out to the nervous feline. Suddenly the kitten lost all sense of caution as it daintily leapt from the dirty ground and into Jane's outstretched palm. It quickly curled up and looked up at Jane with glistening emerald eyes. Jane's heart melted.

The kitten's eyes glistened in the faint light and Jane was brought back to that horrific night. Jane and Julie had been visiting Glasgow on an overnight school trip. Their teachers had thought that some of the students might be interested in going to the Celtic - Rangers match that was on that day. The rest of the class was given a photography assignment that consisted of a list of things they had to get a photo with, such as a swing set. Jane and Julie, having zero interest in soccer, pared off and went together. They quickly lost the rest of their class in the bustling streets of Glasgow. The two best friend's managed to find everything on their list in an hour so the two decided to go shopping to kill time. Later that evening they began to return to their run down hotel in the not so nice area of the city. Their bus driver warned them to be careful as they made their way through the maze of streets. Before getting off the bus, Julie pulled the hem of her white t-shirt down below the end of her green Hollister jumper. As the friends made their way past a group of Rangers fans who looked like they had been drinking the men wolf whistled and leered at the girls. Their attitudes changed dramatically when they saw Julie's green and white. The largest of the group, a tall dark slab of muscle stormed towards them. His face was a mask of rage. First he knocked Jane out of the way with a blow to her right cheek. She let out a shriek of pain as something cut deep into the soft skin of her cheek. The man then barrelled his way towards Julie. He went straight up behind her and stabbed his knife through her throat. The group of men then ran away, laughing. Jane held Julie as she bled out, while crying tears of blood on the right side of her face. Suddenly a familiar whistle broke Jane out of her thoughts.

She turned around to see the figure of the man who had haunted her nightmares every night for the previous year, 'Well, well, well, what do I have here?' he leered at her, 'A little girl whose best friend was stabbed right here, exactly a year ago. Oh and it was me who did the stabbing wasn't it? And I marred that pretty little face of yours, oh well.' As he spoke he began to saunter towards her. In Jane's opinion he looked even more terrifying than she remembered. his light blonde hair was cut close to his head. His dark eyes looked a devilish black as a smile that looked more like a grimace stretched across his heavily scarred face, "And I see you have stolen my kitten" he continued coming to a stop a few feet in front of her. Jane drew her hand with the kitten in it close to her chest, "I stole nothing" she spat out at him, her contempt very clear in her softly accented voice. "If you didn't come here to steal from me then, why are you here?" he glared back at her. Jane's voice was harsh as she replied, "I want you to turn yourself in." With that statement he laughed, "And why little girl would I do that?" Jane expecting that type of response, calmly reached down into her black leather boot and pulled out a revolver. "Because you murderer, I have a licence to kill and will not hesitate in putting a bullet through that thick skull of yours." she bluffed, she had in fact taken the gun from her Dad's collection knowing that he wouldn't notice its absence. The murderer began to look nervous when he saw she was well able to handle a gun. "Ok" he relented, "Ok. Fine. I'll do it, I'll turn myself in." with that he sighed and began walking away from and Jane with his shoulders hunched.

The murderer did indeed turn himself in, he and three others are currently doing time in jail. What about Jane you might ask? She has grown back into the kind, caring individual she knew she really was. Her newfound cat friend Rudolph now lives with her and provides her with comfort when she is down. Jane and Rudolph now live in peace knowing that justice has been served.