We taunt each other
Scream and shout
We're brother and sister
Without a doubt

We hurt each other
With painful words
We yell loudly
So our voices could be heard

I hit you, you scream
You tell our dad
Dad hit's me, he screams
He says I'm bad

Sent to our rooms, we're grounded again
Mom says we're horrible children
Dad shakes his head and glares at us
This house's a pool of poison, full of sin

I get bad grades, you're failing school
I try hard and you don't
We never ask anyone for help
We'd rather do stuff on our own

I'm drowning, I'm drowning
In my own selfish desires
You're sinking, you're sinking
We both have gotten tired

Tired of the pain we've caused
To family and friends
Out of breath from yelling
We're wondering when this will end

Maybe if we reach out to each other
And lend a helping hand
Our hearts would be filled with joy
Repaired and working again

We could stop our sibling rivalry
And become as pure as little white doves
Hug and make up, holding hands
And teach each other how to love

I might not always admit it, but I love you
Because we're brother and sister
Through and through