Twilight began to arrive. The orange golden sky changed into a midnight blue, and faded little lights began to appear. The frost constantly nipped at Ragen's ankles. Athina seemed to be unaffected by the frigid temperatures. "How can she stand this?" Ragen thought envying her immunity. Athina simply grinned as he glared at her.

Dark ascended as the pair flew effortlessly into the night. Everything was silent and calm. "This is unnatural… I feel something big coming this way." Athina whispered to Ragen her pupils wide with fear. Ragen gently stroked her neck as he tried to soothe her. "Athina, I'm sure we can handle it." Ragen said reassuringly.

A large screech boomed in the air that almost made Athina fall in midair. Over the horizon Ragen saw a black knight with beaming yellow eyes that rode a small red wyvern. The fearsome two rode past them as the knight commanded the wyvern to get Athina out of the sky. Athina dodged the wyvern's attempts to tear her wings. "You have the aim of a drunkard!" Athina sneered. The ebony knight snarled as he raised his war ax to behead Athina. Ragen blocked the blow with his heavy armor as he jumped on the wyvern. "Athina circle the wyvern from a distance and make sure nothing falls off!" Ragen yelled over the bellows of the wyvern. "You forgot your sword idiot!"Athina hissed angrily. Ragen ignored her as he raced down the scaly back of the wyvern and knocked the knight off of the wyvern.

Athina made a tight turn and managed the heavy weight of Ragen's armor as he dropped on top of her. The wyvern saw its master fell and swooped down to get him. Athina didn't hesitate to look back. Ragen and Athina fled very far from them hoping that was the saw of them.