Ragen held the little violet gem to the radiating sun. A brilliant light led to a distant volcano across the splashing sea.

"We have to go there?" Athina asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Yes if you want to help Evelyn." Ragen answered.

Athina sighed reluctantly while Ragen mounted her. She outstretched her white feathered wings, and took off into the navy blue sky.

"At least it's not that far away." Ragen said as he attempted to enlighten Athina's mood.

Athina grunted in agreement when the volcano came into sight.

The two landed on the rocky coast of the miniature island. Geysers squirted hot water and steam. Light quakes rumbled from the volcano throughout the area.

"I won't be able to fly up high to the volcano with this heat." Athina snorted.

"We should probably climb then." Ragen said.

"By we you mean me." Athina growled in annoyance.

"Fine I'll climb by myself if it makes you stop complaining." Ragen replied.

"I don't complain." Athina protested while Ragen started to climb the scaling wall of sizzling rock.

"Wait for me." Athina called out to Ragen. He stopped, and waited for her. Athina was rather… clumsy on the ragged rocks. Ragen snickered at her fourth attempt to climb the sheering rocks.

"What took you so long?" Ragen said while he tried to stop giggling.

"Oh would you just shut up." Athina whacked Ragen in the side of his head with her tail.

"Ow!" Ragen shouted. Athina seemed rather pleased with herself.

After hours of the grueling climb the pair reached the top of the steaming volcano, which had what they were after the fire dragon stone. They stared in awe at the ruby like stone that glistened in the magma. Suddenly, a large roar rumbled in the lava. A massive gilded dragon rose from the depths of the volcano.

The dragon bellowed "Return from whence you came!"

"No, we only want the stone." Ragen pointed to the beautiful jewel like stone.

The golden dragon hissed "Never, you greedy human!" With that the dragon smashed his fist right into Athina and Ragen. The powerful impact made the piece of hard earth that they were standing on fell straight into the heart of the volcano. A mere ledge saved them from their fiery death.

Athina and Ragen were dazed by the blow. Just when they regained their senses an inferno wall of fire headed straight to them. Athina jumped between the fearsome fire ball, and her beloved friend Ragen with certainty in her eyes. She knew what to do.