So you're not scared?
You're without the slightest tad of fear?
I'm sure anyone would be
With a future so unclear

Once upon a time
I did understand
But so much of it now
Is buried beneath the coats of sand

Thinking of you for some reason as the jazz trumpet blares
For some reason I think of you as I'm caught in this lullaby's snare
Thinking of you is as insignificant as the rain that drops
But even in my haven, I can't seem to stop

Do you hear it?
You'll know it to be the chanting of my heart
I know it is something you'll be familiar with
I'm too lost in the tomes of thought to simply quit

It may be a hindrance to reflect upon it
A glimpse looking at a past dark as night and black as onyx
But still I must ask, as we are in many ways so far apart
Can you feel the beating of my heart?

From boy to girl
Man to woman
From dark to light
The question from black to white

Do you wonder if I can hear the cry of your heart?