Hello. My name is Okamai and I am a hybrid angel. Now before I get to telling you my story let me explain. I come from an alternate world known as Seikyra. There lives a species known as the Hybrids. It's like two or things put together to make one living thing if that makes any sense. For example, I am part human, part angel, and part wolf (yeah I know. It's weird.). Also, there are these people known as the Hunters. They will stop at nothing to kill us. Even if it's for sport or for power. I don't know why though. Nobody knows. I hope to find out the answer one day. But enough of that. I have to tell you something. I lost my memory recently. Some very important memories in fact (imagine that...). How? I don't know. But I will tell what I remember for now.

All I can remember is waking up in Seikyra and seeing everything completely destroyed around me. The other thing is that I did not see one person. It's like they all just vanished. But still, I searched. Because surely, there had to be some survivors…right? I couldn't be the only one. That was impossible. I searched under the rubble and in the forest nearby. I also tried to listen to see if someone was anywhere, but all I got was utter silence. I didn't find anyone. The good thing was I didn't panic…yet. This is because I heard someone from far away just as I was about to give up. I unfurled my feathered white wings and flew to the sound, seeing as it was the fastest way to get to it. A few minutes later, I found the source. There was a Hunter just barely alive on the ground. Her coat and shirt was soaked with blood. It looked as if something big had slashed her. I could see she was trying to get up but it was causing her a great deal of pain. The Hunter let out a whimper and fell back down. I couldn't stand to see this sight so I flew down to her. She seemed very surprised to see me. She tried to speak, but didn't find the strength to do so. I walked towards her and she seemed to back away from me. I saw her reach into her coat and bring out a dagger. She then said something that I could not understand and stabbed herself through the heart. She died immediately. I couldn't believe what I just saw. I knew that Hunters never killed themselves unless they had no other choice or they were hiding something very valuable. I guessed the second one because…well…just because. Don't ask questions. Anyway, before I left, I saw something on the dagger she killed herself with. Near the blade, there was a stone. It was a Fire Stone. A Fire Stone is what the Dragon Hybrids use to create some powerful weapons, most of which are on fire. Was it possible that she had stolen this from them? I carefully took the dagger from the dead Hunter. It felt warm in my hands and oddly there was no blood on it. It looked like it was brand new even. I kept it just in case, even though I have my own assortment of weapons. Now, knowing that there was nothing left here except destruction, I left Seikyra behind. I hoped I would come back later. Little did I know I might not ever see my home again.