As the bus driver open the door, everyone suddenly rushed to get off. Why? I don't know. I was never one for school. Truth be told I didn't have a good experience at my old one. Of course I didn't really fit in. Think of it like this. A bunch of people with powers, using them everyday having fun being who they are and not having a care in the world. Me? I barely use mine. Heck, I don't even know what most of mine are. I could hold out my hand and a ball of light could appear and I would be like "what?". But anyway, enough complaining. Kanna waited for everyone to get off then practically ran off the bus. She got off and waited for me. After pondering for a bit about what to do, I get off.

"It's about time." Kanna says.

I looked around while talking. "Yeah. Sorry about that. I was just uh, tired."

"Aren't we all at seven in the morning."

"Yeah..." I saw a lot of people walking either talking or sitting around waiting for the day to start. Kanna grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the building's doors.

"Well come on! Can't be late!"

I resisted a bit. "Um. I don't feel comfortable going in much less spending the day here."

Kanna stared at me in silence. I waited for her to respond. To say something that would break this awkwardness. My wish was answered yet again when guy came up to us. He was tall with light brown hair with intense amber eyes. He wore a plain black shirt and faded jeans. He looked at me and then turned his attention to my new friend.

"Finally got yourself a girlfriend eh?"

"Go jump off a cliff Toby." She shot back with a hint of anger in her voice.

I'm guessing that these two aren't the best of friends. He ignored her comment and turned to talk to me.

"So. New student right? Got a name?"

"Leave her alone Toby. Or I'll smash you're face in."


He gave a small smile. "Relax Witch. I was just asking for her name."

"It's ok." I told Kanna. I looked at Toby and held out my hand. "Okamai."

He shook it. "Strange name but alright. At least someone's nice around here."

I was about to talk more but I was suddenly pulled by Kanna. She practically dragged me into the school. The school by the way was named Marrond High. And people thought my name was weird. I talk to Kanna once we're in and she stops dragging me.

"I'm guessing you two aren't the best of friends?" I ask.

"Try the worst. That no good cheating demon spawn. He can rot away for all I care." She spoke with disdain but I thought I also detected a little sorrow too. I wasn't going to ask what that meant and knew she didn't want to talk about it. I decided to change the subject.

"So," I spoke happily. At least I had hoped it was a happy tone. I was still shaken and terribly confused about yesterday. "You told me you got an X-Box?"

This got her smiling and suddenly chatty again. "Yes! Oh my god I got Halo 4 and was playing it like the world was going to explode!"

I just nodded and listened. Honestly I never played Halo before. Though it looked fun. She was about to talk about someone named Chief when the bell suddenly rung. In that moment everyone started to walk off to their first class period.

Kanna sighed. "Man. Stupid bell. Well I guess I have to go then. See you at lunch?"

"Uh yeah. Of course! What period do you have it?"


"Then I'll see you there!"

"Awesome!" She started to walk off but turned around and called to me. "Oh wait! Do you need help finding your first class? This place can be a little confusing at first."

I quickly survyed my surroundings and replyed back. "No thanks. I'll find it just fine!" I said smiling.

"Ok then. See ya!" She then ran off to class. Meanwhile, I stood there, wondering how in the world I would make it through this day.

Ok. Hopefully this one was a bit better ;).