I gave you my heart
And I told you
Keep this safe for me
You didn't say anything
Didn't protest
So I thought it was okay

But you were careless
And every day
A new crack appeared
Branching across the surface
Digging into the unknown
And my heart grew more fragile
Every day
But you taped it up
And you hid the wounds
And I thought it was okay

But then one day
You slipped up
You forgot to hide one of the scars
Or maybe
You just didn't notice
And I saw it
And I asked
What happened?
Is my heart safe?
And you told me
Don't worry, baby
It was just a mistake
Your heart's gonna be okay

But that was the start
The beginning of the end
I noticed the tape
And I wondered why it was there
What it was
But still
I didn't ask
I thought it would be okay

And then one day
I asked for my heart back
But you were reluctant
I started to worry
And when you gave it to me
Some of the tape was
Peeling off
And I looked at you
As I ripped the tape off
And the depth of your betrayal
Made itself known
Your fruitless whispers
Didn't reach me
As the tears streaked down my face
And I wasn't sure
If I would ever heal
If I would ever be okay

So I took my heart back
I told you
I don't trust you with my heart
Because me heart is my life
And I want my life to be safe
I hid it
My heart
I hid it where no one could
And I nursed it
And nurtured it
And it started to heal
And I thought
I'll be okay

Now my heart is safe
All the cracks
Have sealed
And I didn't realize it then
But with you
I would never have been okay