A/N: Soooo…. This is a ficlet I wrote for a friend. She's writing a story about…well. About something, and it's awesome. I'm basically being her unofficial beta, helping her with characterization and ideas and stuff.

In the fic, there's a scene where one of the main characters, Seth, saves a woman from being killed. We're not sure how yet, but it happens. Afterwards, she thought about maybe writing the story of the woman, who was going to find out that night that she was pregnant. This is the scene where she gives birth to her child.

The only other thing that you really need to know is that in the fic, Seth is killed by a gunman who goes trigger happy at a supermarket while Seth is there with his boyfriend. That's the gunshot at the end; that's basically why it's significant.

Yeah. Enjoy. :)


She looked at her husband with a mix of anticipation, fear, pain, and joy. "The baby's coming," she said. Immediately, her husband rushed to grab the overnight bag and the other essentials he needed, while she tottered slowly out to their car. With a great effort, she hoisted herself into the back seat and lay down, practicing her breathing exercises. In a minute, her husband had thrown everything into the trunk and climbed into the front seat, where he quickly started up the car and started driving towards the hospital. Amused by her husband's antics, and because she knew he was more worried than she was, she whispered, "It's going to be alright."

They reached the hospital not ten minutes later, and she was quickly taken to her room. Her husband stepped outside when she went into labor, giving the doctors the space they needed.

Several painful hours later, a nurse called him in. "Congratulations," she said. "You have a son." He stepped quietly into the room, and the woman looked up from their child, who she was holding gingerly in her arms. She smiled, a tired quirk of her lips, but more beatific than ever in the eyes of her husband, and he padded towards her. She passed their son to him, and he looked at him lovingly. "What are we naming him?" he whispered, as if speaking too loudly would shatter the serenity of the moment.

The woman thought for a moment, then remembered the miracle that had ensured the life of their child. She remembered her near-death and the boy who had saved her. She remembered a grateful conversation. And she remembered a name.

"I was thinking we could name him Seth," she said, a question in her voice.

Her husband looked up from their child briefly to smile at her. "It's perfect," he told her.

She smiled again, another slight lift of her lips. "Then his name is Seth."

Somewhere in the distance, a gunshot sounded, a tribute to the newborn child.