Not many knew the story of poor Sophia Lane,
But with each look they knew she was full of pain.
For that was the surface of it all,
As the lies that lay underneath was her downfall.

Little Sophia Lane wasn't guiltless,
For her misdeeds they were listless.
There was blood all over her hands,
And it was splattered across the lands.

Crazy little Sophia Lane,
Honestly she wasn't quite sane.
She heard words no one caught,
She saw people no one sought.

There were voices in her head,
And they rang out from the dead.
They were taunting and calling,
Asking her to do some midnight killing.

Every night a life she'd take,
And in the morning she'd awake.
Once the forgotten incidents rose,
'Fainted,' she'd always suppose.

The nightmares followed her like shadows,
It's as if she was peering through a window.
Events would unfold with splitting screams,
But Sophia pushed them aside just like a dream.

Hauntingly her eyes had drawn shut,
The restraints had her hands cut.
Sophia Lane didn't have a choice,
And for it she blamed the cursed voice.

'Kill,' it'd taunt,
And it was she whom it'd haunt.
'Take the knife' was what it said,
As Sophia then watched seeping red.

Everyday she'd hear the news,
About which family would be the one to lose.
Their children she'd help dispose,
The killer was someone no one knows.

Innocents lay down in coffins of wood,
While Sophia Lane just silently stood.
Words of prayer echoed around,
But the girl had left without a sound.

Sophia knew it'd never end,
Until her funeral was open to attend.
She did what she had to do,
And closed her eyes as they all did too.

The voices screamed in unending pain,
For the blood of their horrors she'd already taint.
The people melted along with her banes,
And that was the end of little Sophia Lane.