voodoo doll girl;

the coffin sun jumped from an old rope bridge,
floating in the water like a corpse in
formaldehyde and the suffocating
stench of sepulcher roses
perfumed the stillborn air

darkness whispered my name -
a familiar voice threatening
to plague my dreams, yet again
so i tried to run away from the night
only to find that i couldn't even
escape from myself

and so i began to self-destruct,
imploding from the inside until there
was nothing left but shards of
what once was yesterday

and there were countless times
when i couldn't even hear my
own distressed cries for help
amidst the disjointed soundtrack
of raindrops that fell
from my isis eyes

and i couldn't distinguish which helpless screams
were mine because they were drowned out by
all the other spiteful refrains resonating
between the splinters of what was left
of my mixtape memories that were
about to crack my skull open

i tried to ignore them, tried to turn a deaf ear
towards all the noises and dismiss them all
as nothing but worthless static but i couldn't
run away from my self-inflicted chaos

i couldn't escape the monsters living beneath
the ripped pages of the unfinished
chronicle tattooed on my manuscript skin
as they fed upon my paranoia

because i'm just a voodoo doll girl, puncturing
cigarette holes on my own pillowcase heart
that resemble flickering stars which narrate
their own story in morse code
upon the heliotrope sky