White and black the only colours she saw. The light rustle of grass being stepped on by dainty little toe`s echoed through the black abyss. A slight shuffling of clothes could be heard. She could feel the beat of her heart. This was the only thing that reinsured her. The only way she knew she was still alive. Crystal sapphire eye`s blinked with long curled strawberry blonde eyelashes. If a person looked close enough they could see a shine of ruby red in the middle of her pupil. Long pale rose pink hair flowed down below her waist. Her bangs covered her thin, small strawberry blonde eyebrows. Tiny honeysuckle coloured lips opened a small gap showing pearl white clean teeth as small tiny pants of breathing could be heard escaping from her lips. The girl had golden pale skin without a scar or a freckle on her. She had light pink tinted cheeks and a small delicate nose. She had a small frame with feminine fingers. Her nails were long and clean and she was smaller than the average height for teenage girls her age have. She had thin arms and legs. The girl also had a little hip with a small waist. Her chest was slightly bigger than the size other girls her age have. She wore a silky Satin white dress which fell just above her knee and had thin straps. In her hands she held a pair of shiny black lace up boots that went slightly below her knees. The girl shifted her eyes from right to left. Taking in her surroundings she saw a sky black as shadows and a fluffy cotton white ground. The girl thought about how long she was walking in this place but this abyss was a maze without time, day or night. The girl wondered about how she was born into the universe but she didn`t know. All this girl knew was her name and that she promised she would never look back at the path she chosen to follow. This girl was looking for a doorway. A doorway to the freedom she desired. This girl knew by staying in this place she would never have to feel pain, anger and sorrow but she also knew she could never feel joy in this place. This place was deprived of emotions of any kind. You may sometimes wish you never had to feel emotions of any kind however you may have never thought about having emotions of any kind was better than having none. This girl knew this because she had never once felt fulfilment of any kind. Suddenly a silent voice whispered through her ear "Tell me your name and I shall give you the freedom that you desire!" The girl flinched till she calmed down. Crystal sapphire eyes closed as honeysuckle lips spoke in a silky voice "My name is Illusion" strawberry blonde eyelashes fluttered open as Crystal sapphire eyes widened in surprise. A platinum-gold door stood in front of her. Small feminine fingers grasped the doors gold detailed handle and pushed it open. A creak could be heard as Crystal sapphire eyes stared into an even darker place than the abysses sky. Only hesitating for a half-second she bravely stepped into the doorway and walked away from the abyss without looking back. Illusion did this because she promised herself that she would never look back. Darkness slowly engulfed Illusion till she vanished.

To Be Continued

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