Illusions vision was blurred and her eyelids felt heavy. She began to stir awake sat on an unusual ground. The colour of the ground was very similar to black yet it was so different (Grey pavement). After 2 minutes of staring at the unusual ground she stood up but suddenly felt a sharp at the sole of her feet. Illusion saw that she had cut herself on the strange ground. A silent whisper echoed at the back of her head "Put on your shoes" Illusion stood there silently for a few minutes. After a while she did what the voice told her to do. Eyes widened in surprise to find her cuts gone on her pale golden skin. While she laced up her boots she heard a voice sneer at her in the back of her head "why were you so surprised, don`t tell me you don`t know this much about yourself" Illusion chose to ignore the voice this time and got on with lacing up her boots. A silent breeze blew past her and her dress and hair flowed with the wind to her right. Illusion closed her eyes and let her breathing even out. She was so relaxed that she didn`t notice she had started walking. She looked around to find many humans around her. On a closer look though they had sickly looking pale skin wit holes and rips in their clothes. These people stared back at Illusion with dead eyes. Illusion looked around to see many women with clothes that showed most of their skin flirting with men of all kinds holding strange green paper (money) in their hand. Many men would enter in ones or in groups through a dark neon pink light up door that had mist escaping out through the gaps of the open door. Those men would exit the door with a woman or two or sometimes with young teens and kids who showed terror in their eyes. They would try and run away but it never worked out though and they would be dragged away screaming with water streaming from their eyes. Illusion looked at them with confusion in her eyes. Why were they crying and why did their eyes reflect true terror in them. The neon pink door opened to show a beautiful young man exiting. The man had pretty blonde hair with deep green emerald eyes, a gorgeous face, broad muscled shoulders and arm, a six pack with a black sleeveless opened shirt decorated with a gold chain, he wore dark denim skinny jeans with black sneakers. The man led 2 by the waist as they flirted with him as he walked towards Illusions path. The man stood still and began to loosen the grip he had on the 2 women to take in the sight before him. A beautiful teenage girl who`s beauty even rivalled a goddess stood there. This man was an extremely rich actor but he kept a terrible secret. This man owned a collection of beautiful women from ages to 7 and over 30 that he kidnapped, bought, married and picked up on the street. He had over 100 women in his collection but all of them where filth compared to this girls beauty. The man walked over and put a hand over Illusions delicate shoulder while the over held £1,000 pounds worth of notes in them. He seductively spoke in Illusions ear "Would you to join me miss" Illusion turned around to stare at the hands owner in confusion.

To Be Continued

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