The scene starts out as Darkstar is standing in a burning town ,holding a sword, about to kill the last two men alive in the town.

Darkstar: (holding a sword) Answer me this. What would happen if I were to cut your head off with this sword?

Man: (stays silent) …

Darkstar: Quiet one aren't you? Let's see shall we? (Swings the sword and cuts the man's head off) Oh look. You died. Never would've guessed. As for you…

Man2: (screams) Please don't kill me!

Darkstar: Why? That takes all the fun out of slaughtering the whole village. If I don't kill you, then obviously I didn't kill the whole village.

Man2: Mercy!

Darkstar: Sorry. Not in my contract. Ask the other demon. He may have it is his.

Man2: (picks up a fallen pitchfork and points it at Darkstar)

Darkstar: Oh. Trying to threaten me now are you?

Man2: B-be gone!

Darkstar: Wow. You're terrible at this. (forms a fireball from his hand) Here try this instead. (throws fireball at the man)

Man2: Ahhhh! (explodes in flames)

Darkstar: Whoops. Forgot you couldn't hold fire. Oh well. But hey, look on the bright side, I succeeded in killing everyone without breaking a sweat. (starts to exit scene)

Jason: (enters scene) Not everyone.

Darkstar: (stops and turns to Jason) You…you dare walk in on me?

Jason: (smirks) Yuppers.

Darkstar: You won't be smiling for long. (summons a flame whip and smiles)

Jason: (takes out sword) Hate to tell you this but…neither will you.

Jason and Darkstar then engage in a battle between life and death. Darkstar soon defeats Jason and is about to deliver the final blow.

Darkstar: Any last words before I kill you?

Jason: (on the ground) Yeah. Look behind you.

As Darkstar turns around, another man in black with a sword swings at Darkstar's head, beheading him. Darkstar, now headless, falls while a pool of black blood forms on the ground. The man helps Jason get back on his feet.

Jason: (smiles) Hey Toby! Haven't seen you in quite some time. What are you doing here?

Toby: Oh you know. The usual. Killing demons, slaying vampires, saving your butt as always.

Jason: (annoyed) I had him this time!

-Toby: (sarcastic) Yeah. Sure. I could totally tell the way you were handling things. On the ground, at the demon's mercy. You totally had him.

Jason: But he did seem surprised when I walked in on him.

Toby: (putting away his sword) Yeah that did seem weird. He seemed really mad too when he saw you. Why was that?

Jason: (pretends to act normal) I don't know. Maybe I remind him of someone?

Toby: (suspecting something) Maybe…anyway, let's stop talking about it and get some cheese.

Jason: (stares at Toby) Really? That's what you think about at this time? Cheese? What's wrong with you?!

Toby: Hey! I'm sorry about my obsession for cheese.

Jason: Shouldn't we at least do something here first?

Toby: If you haven't noticed, there's nothing here anymore. Everything's burned to the ground.

Jason: Not everything. Look. (points to a burned down house)

Toby: What? A destroyed house? So.

Jason: No, I mean really look.

As Toby gets confused, Jason walks over to the destroyed house to pull out something big and heavy. It's a chest with strange symbols and carvings on it. Both that can't be made out. Toby stares intently, wondering if he has seen it somewhere before.

Jason: See?

Toby: (wondering) That looks really familiar.

Jason: What? No reaction? Come on! Even I have no clue what this is!

Toby: What were you thinking to do with it?

Jason: Taking it back to our clan.

Toby: Don't you think they would overreact?

Jason: A little. What? You want to open it here?

Toby: (looks at the sky then at the ground) …maybe…

Jason: (stares at Toby) What if it's a poltergeist or something?

Toby: I'll kill it or whatever. No big deal.

Jason: Just like the other one in Texas right?

Toby: That, I might say, was a level ten poltergeist.

Jason: Fine. To tell you the truth, I'm really curious too.

Toby: (happy) Then open it!

Jason: Fine.

As Jason opens the chest, Toby prepares for whatever is going to come out. The chest emits a strange sound and glows black as demons pour out of the chest.

Jason: When this is over, your'e dead.

End scene