Where am I

What is my place

Do I even exist

Long ago

I new where I was

I new my place

I looked around

So many smiles

So much laughter

But slowly things turned

People began to leave

Others began to change

The people I could trust left me


Without the ones I love who is left

To laugh with

To smile with

Where was I

The words droned out by love

Could now penetrate my soul

It wasn't my fault

It never was

But yet I took the fall

I was getting swallowed

By the void

I was going to run

Away from the torment

Away from the suffering

Just like they did

As you looked around

So many smiles

So much laughter

Could I really run

They began to make you suffer

the same as me

I wouldn't run

They began to torment you

You try to block your ears

Pretend you never herd a thing

I must stay

The pain it has become Unbearable



I cannot give in

You cry at night

When you think nobody can hear you

I will not give in

Slowly loosing touch of realty

I no longer even care

I cannot leave you alone

You pretend that it okay

And that everything's alright

You are never alone

I can hear you cry again

You see me at your door

We cannot be helped

I stop and look the other way

Lest you see my tears

We will save each other

There is a firefly

Alone it fly's in the darkness of night

Not a destination in mind

Not a home to return to

Not a single friend to talk to

But a smile still on its face

It lives without a guide

Not a single goal

Will it ever reach its destination

Probably not

But it needs not worry

It lives without judgment

Without a sense of prejudice

As it looks up at the moon

So insignificant a creature

It lit like a sun in the night sky

It was so small

You could see it for miles

People started to look

And see grace in its triumph

But the firefly

It did not care

For soon it will be day

And it will be a firefly

Just a firefly

It just kept on flying

With a smile on its face

We can keep on flying