Eyes blue like star-shine through midnight
with rose-stain'd skin like the hour of twilight
the glistening in your eyes speaks soft sounds to me,
I'm listening and my high peaks in leaps and bounds for me -
my feelings astounding me - I've found an angel on ground in thee
your eyes start their pull and I feel my soul's hull is full
of emotion, your sight-stars gleaming over my heart's deep ocean
I begin my motion with full devotion, all the time knowing the notion
of my intention is in full proportion, no prevention of giving my heart's full portion.

At the stop of my sojourn through the sea of sight-stars and swirling thought silk so soft,
our hands touch and I adjourn from the world to a lorn-lost love-lake, where we stand aloft.
salt crusted sea breeze winds its windy way through the braids of your hair,
as our eyes meet and I reflect upon your face so fair - I can't help but stare.
our eyes meet for an eternity, time stops flowing discernibly, as our lips touch finally,
our love is expressed so silently, though soft sounds begin mindlessly, and continue not quietly -
passion-moans signal that pleasure has grown, as our souls become known to each other,
on this beach-wonder, as rain comes with thunder and echoes, with mist all rolling in tempo
to the time of our love, as our souls sing our own octave within it - it's just as you say - life happens, live with it.