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Epilogue: Drafted

"We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less second chances." Harrison Ford

Plymouth one month later

So, she'd run. She wasn't ashamed to admit it. As soon as she possibly could after she'd given Declan the news that Scarlett had been found she'd packed up and left Newcastle heading straight back to Plymouth. Her dad had watched her with a sigh before pulling her into a hard hug packing her up and driving her 8 hour journey south back to the apartment she called her own.

Her dad had taken one look at the apartment and snarled if she planned on staying in Plymouth she wasn't staying in the shithole she called an apartment. And he'd be looking for something else for her in the next few weeks when the lease on her current place was up in the next month or so. Her dad had spent a week with her before he'd been called back to work and although she'd missed him almost as soon as he'd left her she felt better than she had in three years.

Now she was writing again with enthusiasm although she frequently found herself looking out the window at the Plymouth Coast wondering how Declan was doing. He hadn't contacted her and she'd not tried to contact him. She thought about her friends a lot all of which including Lori, Nick, Charlotte and Rafe who had shouted loudest about her disappearing act. They hadn't pretended not to understand though and for that Arizona was grateful. Tabitha had surprisingly said very little on the subject. She didn't know what to make of that.

She looked up as someone banged on the door. She frowned at the door, she wasn't expecting anyone. She got up and opened the door to find Jared on the other side. She'd spoken to him on and off but barely seen him. She also realised he was another one she'd not told she was about to cut and run.

She offered him a small smile and held the door open. He walked in. "I had to cut and run." She offered simply. He turned and looked at her his gold eyes bright, "I figured." He nodded. "Are you okay?" She shrugged. "I have no idea but what else is new?" He nodded again. "You're not pissed?" Arizona asked softly. Jared shook his head. "No. I get it. More than I think you realise. I was just checking in." Arizona stepped forward and hugged him hard. "Thank you. You always seem to find me exactly when I need you." He hugged her back.

"You're welcome Ari." He smiled. "You might want to get the door." There was another bang at the door. She stared at him. "What are you up to?" "I couldn't possibly know what you're implying Cross." He offered serenely.

She went to the door and threw it open to find Declan, Tabitha, Joanne, Benedict, Carter, Nick, Lori and Rafe on the other side. She stared. For a minute she didn't have words. She couldn't comprehend what was going on then she blurted, "What the actual fuck?"

Lori and Nick were first in. "We're bringing you home." Nick announced. "And these idiots are our reinforcements." Nick looked behind Ari to Jared. "Oh good. Hawke you're here." "Excuse me?" Arizona demanded. "I happen to be home already thanks." "Nope. Not hearing you." Lori said serenely. Rafe came in and gave her a hug. "I'm just here as hired help." He offered. "And where exactly do you all think I'm going?" She demanded hands on her hips as her old team swarmed her.

"We told you." Tabitha said. "Home. Newcastle." "Why would I do that?" "Because you're on our team now Cross." Carter grinned. "Suck it up and start packing." "I'm doing what now?" Arizona boggled. Tabitha smirked as she held out a piece of paper. "I have here a signed paper from the police commissioner with orders for me to head up the new task force for missing people in the North East with permission to request my team." She motioned at the grinning team. "Guess who she picked?" Declan winked. Arizona was floored for a moment and then hugged her sister. "Tabby I am so happy for you! That's amazing! I still don't get what this has to do with me though. These clowns will keep you busy." She grinned at the team.

"Well see mini Cross," Carter said taking a step forward. "We made a case to your sister here and told her we would all be on the team if she recruited you as well." "You must be fucking joking." Arizona exclaimed after a few moments of stunned silence.

Tabitha forced Arizona to look at her. "No. We're not. In fact before the team specified they wanted you in it the commissioner had already asked if you would consider joining the team as a consult on a permanent basis."

"But… I….What?" She asked. "You haven't given me us your answer yet Ari." Tabitha said softly. "I'm still struggling with the question." Arizona offered truthfully. Declan stepped towards her. "Ari you have to join the team. And this is why." He counted the reasons off on his fingers, "Number one, the team will not be the same without you, number two, the commissioner specifically asked for you to be included but number three and really this is all that matters, is because you help people. You literally make a difference and I know you've missed that since your accident. Don't think I don't see the pain when you talk about missing nursing and the ability to help people. It's what you do. Well now you can now again." He pulled her too him and said, "And Ari take it from someone you've personally helped, we need you on this team. So stop stalling and say yes!" He held her tightly and she soaked up the affection bleeding through Declan's skin.

She glanced at Jared out of the corner of her eye and said silently, "I know you had something to do with this so thank you."

"If I did it's because as much as this pains me I agree with Preston so you're welcome Ari." The answer came just as silently.

She pulled away and looked at her team and smiled and said, "Well. Let's get started then! We've got work to do!"