Floating in and out of consciousness I finally found the type of peace I had been searching for since my parents' death. There wasn't any yelling. There wasn't any fighting just sweet blissful peace. That soon changed when an excruciating pain shot up down my body from the nape of my neck to the bottom of my feet. There are really no words to describe it, I wouldn't be able to if I tried just let me tell you that it was very painful. After about two hours of experiencing the pain without any relief it just stopped. Slowly opening my eyes I looked around and what I saw made me pause and freak out at the same time. I was in a hospital room, hooked up to so many different machines. Anyone who has ever been to a hospital knows what I mean when I say it smelt so strong of death and disinfectant. I gagged from the smell and rushed to the bathroom only to dry heave over the blinding white toilet.

Getting to my feet proved to be a difficult task it felt like my legs were like jelly. Holding onto the counter and walls I slowly made my way back into the room I couldn't hold back my look of disgust. Then I started to wonder why the hell I was in a hospital to the first place hooked up to all these machines. Which by the way were getting on my nerves with all their binging and clicking sounds they made while I was hooked up to them.

Waiting for someone to come into the room was getting to be too much for me so after the feeling came back into my legs from the trip to and from the bathroom I set out to find out exactly why I was in the hospital. I was still holding the walls for support just in case as I slowly made my way to the door and down the halls. Seeing nobody around I decided to go back the way I came and down the other hall. Looking into the rooms I noticed this hospital seemed to be empty completely and utterly empty. There were not even the sounds of the hospital staff. Just when I had gotten to the end of the hall I heard the sounds of running footsteps behind me, and quickly turning around it was all I could do to keep the sound of surprise from escaping my lips. I knew I had probably went deathly pale seeing as how it's not every day you see your dead father running at you in an empty hospital. Seeing the edges around my vision go black I once again blacked out into my welcome at that point unconscious state.

*** I just wanted to say since I have had comments on my other profiles this story is on that this is indeed a first draft. It still needs to be edited and revised. Which will not happen until I reach the point I can put it down with its ends tied loosely together ready to be picked apart in the sequel. As every story writer out there knows we never end up with things exactly the way we want them, our characters seem to take on a life of their own. At least mine do anyway. So please bear with me with this story I'm just getting started. I know it's slow going but as I'm racking my brain figuring out how to put the pieces in order Catherine and drew are in my ear and that oh so mysterious point of view just keeps calling to me asking me when I am going to reveal him. I know Catherine just kind of unloaded her history…

Catherine: did not!

Me: did too! Now hush I'm trying to type here.

*Catherine looks at drew… I told you she was crazy.

Me: am not! I'm just unique

Catherine: whatever helps you sleep at night.

Me: ugh! Whatever get outta my head :p don't temp me ill make you do something you don't want too…

Catherine: you wouldn't

Me: with an evil smirk on my face oh but I would.

Anyway as I was saying. I know Catherine kind of just unloads her history but trust me it's all for a reason and there is so much I have planned for this story I'm just trying to figure out how to piece it all together so please please bear with me until I have it all figured out and any input or feedback you would like to give me it's very much welcome. Thanks guys and gals.

Catherine: told you she was crazy.

Drew: yeah we know after all we are her in a way.

Catherine: I am not her! I would never be her; I'm just here for the skittles and her killer fashion sense.

Me: sitting there in sweats and a hoodie. Fashion sense? Pssshhh yeah okay. Would yall two shut up I'm trying to write.

Catherine and drew: no! Make us.

Me: I can easily delete you two.

Drew: but baby we would only come back after all we are in your head.

Me: all I have to do is hit delete.

Drew: quit arguing with yourself and get to work.

Brother: sticks head in the door. Are you fighting with yourself again?

Me: no I'm writing.

Brother: well that explains a lot. *walks away while muttering crazy ass sister under his breath*

Me: I can still hear you dearest brother.