We Are in a Meadow


David Roldan

We are in a meadow. In this meadow it has everything that I could have hoped for: flowers.

There are tiger lilies, which make me purr; there are daffodils, which make me smile; and there are chrysanthemums, which give me a thrill of joy. But out of all of these flowers there is one that is my favorite.

This flower has brown hair. With green eyes and a copper skin tone. Lips the color of a red rose. This flower has a nice looking blue shirt, which matches with his tan jeans. This flower is called an Alvin.

Me well I am a flower too. With blonde hair that seems to flow with a grace of angels. Bright sapphire eyes that seem to sparkle along with rose colored lips. My summer dress, all pretty in pink, has flowers that look like the same flowers that surround my flower and me. Oh, and I am called an Elizabeth.

We are nothing more but flowers among flowers. I found my flower in a place I was not expecting to find true love. At a high school graduation party. A friend invited me over to celebrate our achievements of completing high school with bright colors. But, I only went to the party for the drinks. The party had almost everyone from school there were juniors and seniors dancing, laughing, talking, singing, or just drinking. The house was pretty big so I could just hide in the crowd and just drink beer.

As I was drinking from the beer I found my flower. He was wandering through the crowd, looking like he was lost. His leather jacket looks beautiful with the moonlight shining through the windows, my little cute vampire. Those black pants really make him look like an Edward Cullen, except he has looks of a Brad Pitt. I knew I must have him.

I decided on two options to approach him. One was to approach him and say hello and strike up a conversation, which might become boring. Or bump up against him and "accidentally" spill my drink all over him. Then take him to the bathroom and try to dry him off and then strike up a conversation. I went with the bump option and it worked perfectly. I took him into a bathroom and stroked a conversation with him.

After I Have stained my flower my life as a flower began to bloom. We went out, we talked, we kissed, and we fell in love.

After a few months of dating he takes me to a place. A very secret place. I don't know where we were going but he said it will be romantic and I agreed to go with him. He told me to close my eyes as I got into his car. We drove for a few miles down an unknown road and then we stopped somewhere. Then he took me out and led me through a path and then we stopped again.

Then he takes off the blindfold and then shows me the meadow we are currently laying down in.

"What is this place?" I asked him.

"This," he says while moving his hand over the meadow, "Represents my love for you."

And after he said that I broke down in to tears. He hugged me and cradled me in his arms like a child. His touch made me feels so warm and safe I could just be protected from a nuclear bomb. After I ran out of tears we laid down in the meadow and became one with the flowers.

This is a fairy tale come true!


"Oh yes Alvin?"

I could not stop looking at his face.

"Elizabeth are you there?"

"Of course I am sweetie."

"Lizzy! Please snap out of it!"

"What are you talking about Alvin?"

"We are not Alvin! Wake up!

I am in a room. It is all white. There appear to be two people beside the bed I am laying in. There was a man and a woman. The man looks both shocked but relived and the woman has teary eyes.

"Doctor!" yelled the man, "Doctor!"

A man in a large white coat burst into the room and the man seems to have the same emotions as the man next to me.

After a moment of silence the white coat asked, "Elizabeth Lanoisuled?"

"Yes," I replied hesitantly.

"Do you know where you are?"

"I don't-"

Suddenly the woman wraps her arms around me and squeezed very hard. I could her some sobs coming from her and after a minute she lets go.

"You are in the hospital sweet heart," the woman says, "You have not been feeling well."

"Where is Alvin?"

There was an eerie silence after I asked them. It is like they have seen a ghost.

"Honey," the man said, "It was a long time ago."

"Where is Alvin?"

The woman only asked, "How are you feeling? Are you hungry?"


Then the white coat says, "I'll call the nurse and get you some soup. What kind do you like?"

"I don't feel like it."

"I really recommend you to eat something"

"Don't feel…"

Then the white coat took on a serious tone and said, "Look, I spent most of my days feeding you. Force-feeding you. Now I believe you should eat something solid for once."

"Where IS Alvin."

The woman did not respond but the man says, "Honey, you have been sick for a long time, after…"

"After what?"

Then with difficulty he says, "Alvin died, years ago."


"What is wrong with you," the woman replied, "Your daughter has been acting like a statue for years and you decided to tell her the tragedy."

"She has to know we can't keep on hiding her from her problems."

"Alvin is not dead."

"My daughter, he died from pancreatic cancer years ago. During this time you became ill."

"Alvin is not dead."

"After that happened you slit your wrist and overdosed."

"George what the hell!"

"Alvin is not dead. Alvin is not dead. Alvin is not dead."


"She's regressing!" cried the man in white.

"Alvin is not dead. He is NOT dead!"


"He is not dead! He is not dead!"


"Alvin! Alvin! Alvin!"

"I am here. There is nothing to worry about."

We are in a meadow. The meadow has everything that I could have hoped for: flowers.

There are tiger lilies, which make me purr; there are daffodils, which make me smile; and there are chrysanthemums, which give me a thrill of joy. But out of all of these flowers there is one that is my favorite.