i can see the ghost of the sun flicker
like slow spinning redemption
when i look into your eyes
as you drive away from my car crash of a heart
because the only thing we've shared
is the same sky and now that you're gone,
please sing me another love song
while you bury me in smoke

and last night, i plucked a shooting star
just for you while you were sleeping,
so meet me on the moon
as you look inside your heart
because heaven isn't that far away
from your stormy eyes

and even if i pull the trigger,
the aftertaste of monday
is etched in flowers
beneath my skin since
all the fireflies whisper your
name as i fall to pieces

oh, if you only knew that it still
hurts to remember the summer
when you said goodbye then
i'll be dead by sunrise as your
silhouette gently fades away
into a whisper