Twisted Anticipation

I wait with anticipation

as the hands go round the clock;

adrenaline runs through my veins

with each tick, tick, tock.


What awaits us now is freedom,

or at least that's what is said;

let go to fly or enslaved once more,

Eternally alive or perpetually dead.


I think their screams will be of joy

if they manage to scream at all.

They'll be thankful and relieved

and merciful as they fall.


I feel engulfed in power,

like I am in control of fate.

In just a second I'll change it fast,

when the bell detonatesā€¦


There's a tingling throughout my body,

my nerves are like live wires;

my hair is standing up on end

and my skin feels on fire.


I take one last look around

at the unsuspecting mass,

with their hopeful smiles for the future.

But my smile is of a different class.


Our time is almost up now;

there is silence about the room.

Then the quiet is shattered as it explodes

with the final