I feel her breathing next to me,

her soft little breaths.

I'm laying next to

my princess.

She can feel my heart,

she falls asleep to its beats.

Holding my princess

in the cold sheets.

Her sighs are so cute,

you wonder what she's dreaming.

I'm so used to waking up

by her screaming.

She asked me if

I loved her like she loved me.

The only answer is

"how else could it be?"

I watch her favorite movie,

I hold her while she cries.

I love her through

everyone's lies.

Nemo nemo nemo

is her favorite word.

That and "silly"

are all that's ever heard.

She loves something as

innocent as a lost fishy,

cuz "the movie makes her

really wishy."

She just keeps swimming

through her troubles.

Nemo has Dori,

so we could be doubles.

Nemo and Dori,

Mariah and me.

That's how

it always will be.

She's my lost fishy,

and I'm her fishy friend.

It will be like that

until the very end.

(Silly David fell asleep

with his notebook

in his



I stole it.

I love nemo.)

((and him))