When we are called to arms

And ready for the charge.

We'll shield those loved from harm.

No matter the armies large.

Fighting though their ranks,

Dealing blow after blow,

Trying to out flank.

Our anger just endows.

Cries of wounded men,

Sound about the air.

I give a vicious growl,

As I strike left and right.

My comrades fall.

I too, when struck in bowel.

Retreat then calls.

I scream a horrid howl

And I have given up my fight.

My breath starts to slow

And numbness spreads.

This my foe does know,

Thus drowning me in dread.

My vision begins to fade,

But I go unafraid.

This is the end of my crusade.

I give no more to charade.

I go not alone,

For with a final moan

My fate was sewn

As too, my comrade's own

I am not alone.