We are born into this world
Either a boy or a little girl

We eat pee and poo
Cause that's about all we can do

First we learn to crawl
As our feet are just too small

Soon we get those pearly whites
And mum must give up the boob, that's right

We grow bigger and learn to walk
Then, oh boy, we learn to talk

And at first the words sound jumbled
'Cause over our tongues we stumble

After some practice we get it right
And won't stop talking late into the night

As for the design of these nappies…
Oh right, they keep mum happy

We had a few misses with the potty training
It's all washable, so I'm not complaining

That first day of school came so quick
At least by then I'd learnt some tricks

So many kids what's going on?!
All screaming at once, something must be wrong

Homework, homework what the hell?
Get through it all and you're doing well

Look you're a teenager now, growing up fast
Thank goodness, finished school at last

Dad, can you buy me a new car?
My dreams are big and will take me far

Well alright son, just take it slow
You're bound to find a girl as you go

And if she invites you in for a drink
You're probably in for more than you think

Marriage then kids and a station wagon
And hopefully the mother-in-law ain't a dragon

Well, it's time to fly the coop
Meet new friends and form your group

You've met the girl of your dreams
Ready to settle down and make a family, it seems

Having two kids of your own
Talking to granny and grandpa on the phone

And before you know it you're grey and old
Your great grand children in your arms you hold

All around you, friends are grey
And one by one they are taken away

As you all know, we are born to die
Leaving behind us loved ones to cry

Life is short and goes by quick
So love all you can, even when you're sick

For life is a gift given to us
Living it to the full is an added plus

Tell the ones you love everyday
For you never know when they will go away

Live hard and play hard is the trend
It will all be worth it in the end

To say I have done it with no regrets
Is life's best ending, let's not forget

As we say goodbye to this world
Up and away into Heaven we're hurled

Look down and observe the view
Knowing they'll be fine without you

And when it is time for them at Heaven's gate to knock
You feel happy to know you will meet at the Clock

And once again we shall all be together
In this heavenly place that knows no forever.