It's not like we're ever not truly tied down.

We're made to believe we are free to do as we please, but really, we aren't. You can't go to mexico without papers. You can't do this or that unless you're a certain age. You can't take, you always have to pay. You can't trade. They rule our lives with green and white pieces of paper and restrictions.
Not that anyone really cares. After all, we have it better than those little countries you see on TV. Right? We have a somewhat stable government, and most people get at least one meal a day right? Pull a silver lining on anything and it'll look just a little bit better, right? Because that's the policy on TV. If it makes other countries look bad, do a long story. If it makes us look bad, cut it as short as possible, or better yet, don't show it at all. And that is how democracy works. A silver lining on the crap that is our country – something to trick the masses. The illusion of almost perfection.

And I'm sure there are bigger flaws – scratches in the surface filled with a temporary fix. Secrets that the president himself may or may not now, and secrets that we will definitely never be told.

And I don't blame them, because we are idiots. As people taught to think a certain way, and feel certain things, we are idiots. Anything they tell us of actual importance could be the very end of us. So it's better if we don't know. After all, if they told us aliens are very real, there would be mass hysteria. People screaming it's the end of the world down the streets, idiots out trying to catch them, people voting against a president who probably isn't even responsible, and riots against a government that keeps things from us to prevent all of this. It's smart that we don't know. Genius even.

After all, saying that we all have a voice is the same as saying none of us do, which is truth. We wish to feel separate from each other, different. But we aren't. Just as most people look down and see a rat. They don't wonder what kind of rat, or what that rat's personality is or what family it has. To us, a rat is just a rat, like every other rat. And in fact, we are just human, like every other human. We are not different or special or unique. And I bet when a rat looks up and sees us, it doesn't wonder about our personalities or what family we have. It just see's a human, a threat. To a rat, we are just human, like every other human.