Sunlight's Sister

The feast begins when I am awakened,

Creatures scurry, left with no patience.

I am the twin of my brother,

But we are nothing like each other.

He is dazzling and depicts life,

I am dependent yet glint like a knife.

He radiates trust, love and affection,

I am not loved; they say I radiate dejection.

He illuminates pictures with the rays that he is shooting,

Yet I know my reflection reminds some of beauty.

He is day,

And I am night.

He'll choose the game,

But I'll win without a fight!

A/N: Hi again! This is yet another competition entry. Decide between the three (Nature's Prisoner, Pele's Conquest and Sunlight's Sister) and tell me your favourite. I will put up a poll on my profile soon, so please vote!

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