Kilroy's was your typical fast food restaurant; its color scheme was mostly red, and its sign was a large rectangle that read KILROY'S with half a cartoon man's head peaking over and his nose dangling down right between the L and the R. The place's interior was based around bright colors and rounded edges and made liberal use of plastic.

It was summertime now and six of our friends were having lunch there together.

"Hey," said Chrome Bumper, "did any of you guys hear a like, crazy screaming sound last night?"

"What time?" asked Susie.

"Like, A little before midnight or so," said Chrome.

"Y'know," said Gilbert, "I remember my dad getting really pissed off on account'a some crazy shrieking or something that woke him up."

"I didn't hear anything," said Susie.

"I think I might've heard something…" said Vivian, searching her memory. "YEAH!" she exclaimed, "I was brushing my hair getting ready for bed after watching The Parent Trap on Needle when I heard this crazy screaming sound. Sounded like it was coming from the northeast…"

"Well I didn't hear anything," said Christine.

"I didn't either," said Rusty, "but I know exactly what it was."

"What?" the other five asked in unison.

"A sasquatch!" said Rusty.

"A what?" asked Christine.

"You know, bigfoot! North America's Yeti, in the south part of America they call 'em skunk apes 'cause they smell like rotten eggs marinaded in road kill, covered in poop and cooked in a fart-powered oven."

"RUSTY!" the other five exclaimed in disgust.

"Bro, come on," said Gilbert, "we're eating here!"

"Don't shoot the messenger," Rusty said, shrugging it off. "Anyway, I'm telling you, it was one of them you heard!"

"So you're saying they basically heard a wookie?" asked Christine sarcastically.

"Actually," said Rusty, "that's a pretty decent description of them."

"Rusty, there's nothing out there," insisted Christine.

"Chris, look at the evidence," said Rusty, "Chrome, Gilbert and Vivy all heard it, and they live in the north or eastern part of town—Vivy even outright said it came from the northeast—but you, me and Sue didn't! I live on the south side, you live in the…?"

"My dad's house is on the west end of town," said Christine.

"And Sue lives way out in the countryside! Therefore, it must'a come from the woods to the northwest, and could only be heard in the northeast part of town!" declared Rusty confidently.

"Don't call me Chris," said Christine.

"And don't call me Sue!" said Susie.

"Where'd you get 'Vivy' from, anyway?" asked Vivian.

"Regardless," said Christine, "there's nothing out there."

"Then what made that sound?" retorted Rusty.

"Some other animal that science has actually proven to exist!" exclaimed Christine.

"Well," said Rusty defiantly, "if you're so sure they don't exist, then I'm sure you won't be afraid to go out there and look for a sasquatch yourself!"

"You're on," said Christine, "but you gotta come, too!"

"Excellent!" said Rusty. "I'll take Gilbert."

"And I'll take Vivian!" said Christine.

"What?" asked Vivian.

"Hold on, bro," said Gilbert nervously, "let's think about this—"

"Running around in the like, woods late at night doing stuff?" asked Chrome Bumper. "Dude! I've like, always wanted to do that! Count me in!"

"Same here!" said Susie, always eager for adventure.

"Well then, Christine," said Rusty, "looks like we're all going out there!"

"When should we go, though?" asked Christine.

"How about tomorrow night?" asked Rusty. "We'll use today and tomorrow to get read. Now come on, let's head to the library to do our homework on this!" Rusty put down his napkin and took off.

"Did Rusty just say 'let's do our homework'?" asked Gilbert. Stunned by what he had just witnessed.

"Must have sasquatch on the brain," said Christine dismissively.

"COME ON!" called Rusty, "You guys are done eating, let's go!"

They emptied their trays into the garbage and headed out the door after Rusty.