In Rome, among Other Cities, Locals have a certain tendency to make up Slang Words, believing them to be useful in the counts that (A. They are even less formal then words used in other locales, and (B. They can instantly tell whether one is Italian, or Non-Italian. Such was the case for Lily Harper. She could not, as it's called make Heads or Tails out of what they were saying, apart from a few vague phrases. This was, as it tends to do with Non-Romans, beginning to frustrate her. She was now confident that certain things the Locals said were Nonsense, although, It did not strike her as to exactly WHY they were doing it. "Cosa? Perché vuoi una tazza di topi? Che scopo che anche servire?" said the Small, Bewildered looking woman in front of her. Lily looked in her phrase-book again. "Uhhh…" Her voice began to shake again. "Nani mangiare zucca su Roma Viola Scimmia Lavastoviglie Antonioni Plaza?" "Sei pazzo o cosa? Perché parli Sciocchezze del genere? COSA VOLETE?" Lily looked at her phrase-book. No, It wasn't working. She looked up and said hesitantly "Antonioni Plaza?" The Woman looked at her for a moment, and then burst out Laughing. "Antonioni Plaza? Hai voglia di sapere come arrivarci? Perché, idiota, si dovrebbe avere appena chiesto I-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-" She looked up, suddenly looking quite Bemused. She pointed down the street, and said, in very bad English, "Go Leftttt…" Lily walked down the Street, feeling very angry with herself. She could not Imagine what the woman thought she was Saying.

18 Antonioni Plaza was a rather pretty building, painted blue, and reaching at least Five Stories High. The front was covered with scaffolding. It seemed as though the old building was being restored. Either way, she could not find an entrance at the front. The Building seemed to have a rather small garden around the side. Lily ran through the small metal gate, and looked around the garden. There were Small rose bushes lining the fence, and a minute fountain in the centre. On the side of the garden was a rather large Alcove, right on the side of the building. She walked closer to the Alcove. Success! There was a set of stairs in the middle of the Alcove. On the side of the Wall was a door. Lily walked up to it, and saw that instead of a doorbell, there was a Bell on a rope. It made a rather jarring noise. Eventually, a woman of about 60-something answered. She had a rather narrow face, and had an awful lot of makeup on. "You are Lily Harper?" The woman said. She had a thick English Accent, and was looking at Lily like she was a Witch. "Um… er…. Yes…." Lily vaguely managed to squeeze out a few words. The Woman's face spread into a wide smile. "Yes, we have been waiting for some time. Please tell me why you've been postponed!" "Uh, but I thought I was due today at 10 o'clock A.M. Sharp!" "Really? Well, that doesn't matter, you're here now. By the way, please excuse the Scaffolding out the front. Renovations, you see." The Inside of the building was quite pleasantly chill, a happy diversion from the sweltering heat outside. Lily stepped inside cautiously. "Please make yourself comfortable. We're still arranging your apartment." The English woman trilled. Lily chose a rather plush armchair, in the corner of the corridor. She Absorbed her Surroundings. Down the Other end of the corridor was a large archway. Behind that particular archway was the foyer of the apartment. In the centre of the wall sat a pair of elevators. The quiet still world inside the building was a welcome change from the outside world of Rome. Just think Lily. You're living in a fancy apartment, in the heart of Rome, in the Middle of Summer. But I miss my friends! I miss my Parents! I don't like it in Rome! I want to go Ho- "Maria! Hai finito su quel telefono stupido ancora? DEVO sapere se appartamento No. 7 è pronto! Sì, è qui ora si matto!" The English woman suddenly burst out of the arch clutching the "Stupid Phone" in her hands. She pressed the up button on the Elevator.


The Elevator Door opened. With that, the English Woman threw the Telephone Into the Elvator. She Pressed the Close button inside. "Well, that's the end of that stupid contraption! Oh, by the way, I'm Jessica Fulci. You may call me Mrs Fulci. Also, your Apartment is partly ready. You should go out and get Something to eat." Said the newly anointed Mrs Fulci. "You should get out before the police Arrive. God knows how you'll be able to get out when the so called 'cops' come out! Hahahahahaha" "Police?!" Lily said, surprised. "Why my dear, didn't you hear about it? It's been on the news all morning!" said Mrs Fulci, looking slightly bemused. "What happened?" asked Lily. She was now beginning to feel concerned. "Someone was found dead here earlier. Murdered. Strangled to death it appears, although somebody at the police station says Drowned, of all things!" said Mrs Fulci matter-of-factly. "OH!" Lily wailed. "Am I in Danger?!" " No, not in the least. She wasn't even from this area, let alone the Apartment. Nobody knows who she even is!"