This was a story I wrote for a mythology class I took in high school and I had a lot of fun writing it. We had to write some kind of myth for a made up culture and I chose a creation story.

~ Hope and Promise ~

"Hope and Promise. Light and Dark. Long ago, before any of our people existed, before our world existed, these four beings lived happily amongst the stars. Light was the Day Mother, brilliant and radiant as the sun. Night Father, the Dark, shone with the pale, cold light of the moon.

They had two sons, twins by the names of Hope and Promise. When they were born, their cries resounded through the universe, merging in the center to form a planet. Their laughter solidified into all manner of plants, trees, and flowers and their tears filled the oceans and rivers. But there were no creatures on the world, my children, for it was not yet time for that.

As the twins grew they became the most glorious beings. Both were beautiful and terrible, kind yet terrifying, always clothed in garments of the purest white, a vision of splendor and majesty. Promise, the elder twin, was fiery and adventurous, always exploring. Hope was gentle and quiet, focused on helping his twin and others. The stars were their playmates, friends, and followers.

Both brothers were loved equally, though for separate reasons. Promise was the strong protector who chased away their fears and ensured the realization of their dreams. Hope was the gentle nurturer who eased their worries and fixed their problems. They lived in a beautiful mansion, made of wisps of cloud and stardust. From here, they took care of the stars, taking in the old burnt-out ones and making them into beautiful new stars.

However there were two stars that were not so happy, they were called Despair and Deceit. They had been the last created and so were different then the rest. There had been little purity left with which to fill their hearts and so there was a dark evil void that had consumed them. They dressed in black, the color of evil, and they swore to become the most powerful. But to do this, they needed to get rid of Hope and Promise, and so they plotted.

They hid their hearts and came to the brothers' door seeking shelter, disguised as burned out stars. Hope and Promise welcomed them into their home, as they were wont to do. But Despair and Deceit used their cunning to worm their way into their hearts and earn their trust. Then, when the time was right, they struck, sneaking into Hope's room in the dark of night. Using their powers, they cast him into a deep sleep, and then they fled the mansion before the other brother awoke.

When Promise discovered his enchanted brother his grief was so great that he cried a river of tears. These tears fell down to our planet and from each of the largest sprang one of our ancestors while all other creatures came from the smaller tears. When grief gave way to anger, Promise hunted Despair and Deceit and cursed them to an eternal life as bodiless spirits, doomed to float aimlessly about forevermore.

Then Light and Dark took mercy on their children and put the beautiful mansion high into the mountains, where it could never be found, though some claim to have seen it when the fogs roll away. No one quite knows what happened to Promise, though many believe that he is here among us, maybe even here as one of us right now. Wherever he roams, he will never go far from his twin so as to be on hand when he should awaken.

As their revenge against Promise and his curse, Despair and Deceit now roam our world, twisting and corrupting our minds and spirits and making us impure. It is said that some day, Hope will wake, Promise will return, and the world will be perfect and pure once again. No one knows when this day will come, but it will be marked by the reappearance of the beautiful mansion. Some have claimed to see the mansion in these mountains, on clear and bright nights or sunny and cloudless days.

Look for this day to come, my dears, though it may not be in your life, your children's, or your children's children. Look to the Hope and Promise of a new day and a glorious age of peace and plenty for all." The old storyteller leaned back in his seat, gazing around at the young children who sat at his feet and at the few adults who had also gathered to hear the tale.

"Now then, that's all for today, children. Run back home now, I think some of your mothers are calling." Everyone left to head back to the village, leaving the old man alone under the trees. He looked towards the great mountain in the distance, cried a single tear, and for a moment, glorious white clothing and a face too beautiful to behold replaced his stooped wrinkled frame and tattered grey clothes.

The next moment, he was gone, as if he had never been there.