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"Ok, I'm going to take you guys to the prep room. We're going to get you suited up, and given your instructions." Thomas stated, motioning for us to follow him.

Matt's eyes lit up. "So we're going to wear cool time travel suits?"

"You could describe them as cool." Thomas said loftily.

"Awesome." Matt nodded.

"You're so immature." I rolled my eyes.

Before he had time to come back with a retort, Thomas opened up a door filled with 19th century clothes. I almost died. This would be like the best shopping day ever.

"Oooooh my gosh!" I yelped, running to clothes like a moth to the light. "Are these actually from 1865?" I asked excitedly, clutching on a lacy purple sleeve.

"Yeah, we borrowed them from some museums."

"These time travel suits are …awesome." He cringed as he picked up some leather breeches. Then he frowned at Thomas, "Dude, you so lied to me."

"You're going to 1865, what did you expect? Skater shorts?" Thomas replied.

"Oh, you'll look just dashing!" I teased, waving top hat in Matt's face.

He put it on, striking a pose. "I rather thought I was dashing before, but now you won't be able to keep the saloon girls off me."

"We're not going to the old west, silly." I corrected him, laughing. "We're going to the eloquent balls and musicals of the 19th century American people." Then I added, dancing animatedly with a ball gown held to my chest. "Who knows? You may even come across an ancestor; and you can pound them with all the questions you like."

"Whoa, no, what did I tell you? Everything you do back there," He said, pointing his thumb back, "will affect the present. Don't talk, say or do anything that isn't absolutely necessary. And absolutely," He said with a disapproving glance at Matt, "no saloon girls, no matter how alluring the plumes on their heads are."

"Just suck all the fun out, why don't you?" He sighed.

"Rules are rules, buddy." He was suppressing a smirk. "Ok, after you guys pick out about a fortnight's worth of clothing change into one outfit, and meet me in the second to last room to the left down the hall." He was halfway out the door when he peeked back in to say a quiet, "enjoy," that was meant for me.

I jumped up and down with excitement. "Yay! I wonder how big our suitcases are going to be." I looked around for travel bags, and finally spotted them. "Aha! These are huge!" I exclaimed, stuffing my entire arm and shoulder in. Even then, I still didn't touch the bottom!

"Huh." He said, now very intent on inspecting a piece of clothing. "What do you do with these?" He asked, holding up the offending object.

I laughed. "They're garters. You use them to hold up your socks."

"Ohhhh." He sighed. "I thought they were some sort of torture device."

"I'm sure there's a special room devoted to torture devices somewhere in the facility." I joked.

"You're probably right." He laughed.

We were getting along better. This was good. No fighting for at least…ten minutes. The two of us were making progress.

I started to inspect the dresses, pulling a few off the racks here and there, but I stopped cold in my tracks when Matt spoke.

"Do you think we're going to come back? I know I said the device would probably be flawless, but still…" He asked hollowly.

I paused thoughtfully for a moment before I answered. "I don't know."

We were silent as we finished packing our bags. The question kept echoing in my head. I hadn't thought about it that way. Thomas seemed so sure of himself, that this would work, but didn't experiments like these go wrong all the time?

After we changed, we walked sullenly to the room down the hall. But upon opening the door, all fear was forgotten and replace with amazement. The entire room was illuminated. Every tile, panel, switch, and box was alight. Then there sat the mother of all electronics, the time machine.

It was shaped like a figure eight, with neon light flowing around the outside. The inner part of the contraption had but four buttons. One set the year, the second set the date, the third said leave, and the fourth said return. But each button's words were a holograph.

Thomas stood smugly against the wall, watching our awe. "I'm glad you're impressed."

All we could do was nod enthusiastically, jaws dropped.

"How?" was all I could muster to say.

"Years and years of study." He replied, sighing.

"Now, the instructions are pretty simple. Each button does exactly what it says. It's pretty self explanatory, and it's been preset for your convenience, and safety." He said, turning the device this way and that. "When it's time to go, you'll press leave, of course. And when it's time to come back… well you get this gist of it."

"Can I hold it?" Matt asked still awestruck.

"Of course you can hold it, how else will you get back?" Thomas said bluntly placing the time machine in his hand.

"Awesome!" Matt said, looking at the neon lights. "How long did it take to construct this?"

"We started drawing up plans in 1957." He said.

"Wow." My eyes bulged. This thing had better work.

"Yeah. You can understand how happy we were to finally finish this project." Thomas laughed.

"I'm sure." I agreed.

"So…are you two ready for the most important moment of your lives?" He asked looking at the two of us skeptically.

We gulped in unison.

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