Have you heard about the dangers?

They love to hide in the shadows of night.

So stay indoors away from such things,

And unlike her, you'll be alright.

This tale is one of a sailor's daughter,

Brought up in a cabin by the sea.

It all began with a simple sound

The wind, she thought, is what it must be.

Yet her warm bed

Offered no respite

Until she could discern

What was out in the night.

She crept from her room,

Not sure what was in store.

What simple noise

Could hold such allure?

The front door opened,

Albeit with a creak,

And as she looked out,

She did not dare speak.

The night seemed peaceful

Outside their small home.

There was nothing but sky

And the salty ocean's foam.

But then, out of nowhere,

The girl heard a voice.

So sweet was its sound,

That she had no choice.

"Come here girl,

I have a story to tell.

Of time and emotion,

And other topics as well."

The girl, she felt strange,

And also impatience,

To hear the tale

Of her new acquaintance.

The wind started to blow,

And she ran to meet.

Until there was nothing but ocean

Under her feet.

Meanwhile the sailor,

Tucked away in his bed,

Did not know of the doom

To which his daughter was lead.

His eyes were open

When he heard the small weep

But the night things were crafty,

So he went back to sleep.

So if you're hearing noises

And you want to see

Just remember how dangerous

Wind can really be.