I was sitting on my bed when LeeAnn came in, slamming my door shut. "Dude! Pao's being a freaking jerk!" She yelled, sitting on my bed. I looked up from my phone then back at my screen. "He take your journal again?" "Yes! Now he just wants to laugh and make fun of me about Daryn!" I sighed and sat up, instantly jumping into my usual bubbley attitude. "Bro! Stop being a panzy! He's just teasing!" She pouted and crossed her arms at my words. She walked right into that one.

After LeeAnn stopped her ranting and babbling about God knows what, we went downstairs to find Sabrina on the couch, typing away at her laptop. Writing fail-fiction?* We sat next to her and looked at the screen. She quickly closed the device, but we saw what she was really doing. Looking at pictures of her favorite yaoi pairing. "Ooh~ Yaoi~" LeeAnn and I started laughing and Sabrina yelled at us to shut up. Then there was the sound of someone knocking, instantly shutting the three girls up. Someone? At their door?

A/N- The house that the girls live in has four people living in it.

Sabrina- the red head

LeeAnn- the one called Iggy

Lashea- the bubbley one

Pao- the Asian boy

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