I closed my eyes to the world around me, afraid to fall deeper into despair, my room was dark quiet and tranquil, my quick breathing the only sounds that filled the air. I sighed ashamed of myself, for I do truly think too much.. He said it knowingly. It's like he knows me inside and out.

I bit my lip in astonishment, thinking of him made me so odd. I turned over gripping my pillow tightly to my chest, as if I were actually in his arms. I felt a sense of joy at seeing him a couple hours before, but when he walked away it seemed my longing was something I no longer wanted to ignore.

~My Dream~

For some reason as soon as I fell into my deep, and somewhat peaceful slumber.. I saw his handsome face, gazing at me in wonder. I saw my school take a much more clearer view, and the moment I saw where we sat, that was when I knew. This dream was of the one day, I tried so hard to put to the back of my mind, where I was so honest and happy, the day I considered.. At least for that small moment.. That you were mine.

You held me, as I breathed in and out, and let hot tears fall down my cheeks. I was stronger than this, you said. But at that moment I felt so weak. You were all I ever wanted, that much I was sure. I looked to you for support, I breathed you in like a cure. I pressed myself close to you, for I wanted nothing else.

With my small hand, I found the courage to reach up and caress your cheek, I had never felt like this before and didn't know what it was I seeked. You let me take your hand in mine, and my cheeks burned in sweet and gentle elation, it was a wonderful feeling and it was all of your creation. "I.. Don't.. Know.. What the hell to feel... All I know is, you get.. Under my skin.." Apparently, that in itself was the proper statement in that moment in time.

Because, faster than I could whisper your name your lips had claimed mine.

That was when my beautiful moment came to an end, but to this day I say to myself.. Perhaps it was for the best, perhaps.. There was no telling where I would've taken it..

My mind is a marvelous thing, sweet, romantic, and pure. But when it comes to you, I cannot be so sure what it is anymore.