The teenage love.

The love is something that we discover on adolescence, the age of hormone. Until is healthy keep a relationship in time of doubts and uncertainty time? Almost everyone in High School is seeking for someone, or even suffers for a platonic love. Some get the realization in the search for love, others suffer and some say that doesn't need.

A relationship really can help or worse the situation? This depends of the person, some are depressive, that kind can create deep bonds with the boyfriend/girlfriend and get isolate of the world, Some can have psychological/aggressive problems, complicating the situation. Others can conciliate very well the situation supporting each other getting response and maturity, this depends of each one.

Have you ask, if you are ready to get this responsibility? Could you reconcile your students/love and maybe your parents above on your?. Also love can be really cool; but when the high school finish? – What will happen? What could happen?

In my opinion, we have to be carefully and try to experience almost everything with care because this time never will back.