"Liar." Her voice, quivering and hurt, like a water surface rippling continuously. Her beautiful, sapphire eyes I so envied big and wide like saucers. Emotions so painfully clear in her eyes, something that could never be described with such trivial words as 'hurt' and 'pain'. No, it was something so much more. Something so much more painful.

Those large eyes looked like a depthless pond on the verge of overflowing. Those pale lips set in a thin line, determined not to cry.

"You said you were going to protect her." She murmured hoarsely, her voice cracking at the end. She took a shuddering breath, and let it out shakily. She closed her watery eyes, probably in an effort to keep from crying. "You promised."

Her voice, barely above a whisper now, raw with emotion as a dull pain grew rapidly in my chest. My voice left me, and I couldn't respond to her silent pleas. I couldn't help her.

A shaky hand reached out to her pale face, quavering as fingers stopped inches from the expression racked with pain and betrayal, reluctantly pulling back and dropping back down to my side. My cursed green eyes drifted to the porcelain ivory floor, dull from the pain.

She's still looking at me with those sad, blue eyes, waiting for something. Anything. But I can't face her. I can't face that look of betrayal, that indescribable pain and guilt that wells up and closes up my throat. Like right now.

"Look at me... please." Oh god. She's begging. What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to face her now?

But I know I deserve this. Every moment of this guilt and pain and these tears threatening to fall. Reluctantly, I look up, waiting for the cringing pain yet to come. That flawless face twisted in grief claws at the stitches holding my broken heart together, easily ripping it apart all over again.

"Why?" That voice, raw and strangled, so soft I can barely hear it. I opened my mouth to reply, to say something, anything to ease the pain. But not a sound would come out. A strained exhale came from her lips, her shuddering breath on the verge of crying. "Please... tell me..." Finally I had the courage to look at her face directly, into those broken eyes.

And then the first tear fell.