Lady Summer

Lady Summer rides on a lazy spotted horse.

Always bringing the heat and warmth

of her home in the South.

Summer wears a dress of many colors.

A Mexican Senorita would be jealous of it.

Waterholes are the Lady's and her attendents'

Favorite spots.

Poppies and Sunflowers are her favorite flowers.

She wears them in her hair, as she weaves

Dandelion chains to hang around her kneck.

Her hair is red ad always windblown.

Laughing eyes are always on her face.

Summer is the complete opisate of her sister,

Winter. Kind and always full of Laughter, she is.

The Children love her dearly, and she loves

She never loved being stuffed in a school house.

She makes tree leaves open all the way.

Her imagination usually is running wild.

Hair-brained schemes are her specialty.

Slowly, she twirls into Fall's Arms.

She lets Fall court her to the Castle

of her home. Their kiss is slow and halting.

And with that, Summer is gone for another year.