World's new death

The year was 1217; the country was American, the state undetermined. Ever since 1215 the lines had been broken and the unity shattered. The cause to this destruction was an academically unnamed virus which the common people called the "zombie virus." It was nothing like the pop culture zombie or any of that walking undead nonsense. The reason for its name was obliviously because after you caught it you were considered dead. There was no turning back and it could take anywhere from seconds to days, if you were lucky or unlucky depending on how you saw it, to die but it was known you were a dead man walking. It could not be cured nor treated in anyway known to modern medicine. This virus spread easier than any disease before it's time. The only way to stop the spread was the death of the host body, yet even so it could live on any surface for more than 48 hours. Only days after it landed it laid rest to this country causing tens of thousands of deaths. By now more than a third of the population has been eradicated by this invading disease. It was found that there are people who are completely immune to this infection; do to something in their blood stream or their DNA. Doctors have yet to analyze this phenomena do to that fact there are very few formal centers left do to the chaos. Those whom have this invulnerability are scarce to show themselves. I know one.

My name is Liam and I am not immune to the virus, or so we believe. I travel and live with best friend Gavin, my school mate Abigail, my cousin Oliver, my girlfriend Charlotte, her older sister Ella, and my twin brother Elias. As far as we know only Charlotte has the genetic trait to be resistant to the virus. It has been two years since we have seen our families or heard from them. For all we know they could be dead, but for some of us hope is kept alive. I for one do not believe that I will ever see my family again. When the world was turned upside-down the six of us were at a conference at a local college. Charlotte entire classed died that day and she was the only one to leave the room alive.

There is a lot that we don't know and we have no idea what is out there ahead of us. This is our story.