Means "false king" in Latin.

A prince became a king today

He smiled disarmingly as the knife slid between his brother's ribs

Settled down next to him as the life ran red between his fingers

And told the gods, I will rise.


He'd been a silver-tongued devil with a smile like an angel

He became an image in gold, a study in contradiction

As the rose petals fell upon him he grinned like the sun

And tore down the fabric of time to rewrite history.


A king became a god today

He took the crown and took even more

Empires fell and the people mourned

And the king told the gods, Fear me.


He bathed in the oils of the divine

And let his back be whipped raw and his blood be spilled upon his kingdom

To grant it fertility, to grant it beauty, to grant it divinity

A realm fit for a god.


But he was the false king of a false kingdom

The lying heir to a throne that was not his

A murderer who smiled as he dared to stare the abyss in the face

Before putting on a crown and falling into it, never to return.