"Don't pout, Shawn." Mrs. Spencer said. "We're only going to go to the grocery store."

Shawn pouted again. "But I don't wanna be with Uncle Riley!"

"Aww, Shawny," Mr. Spencer ruffled Shawn's hair after crouching down. "We're only gonna be gone for half an hour. You even haven't met Uncle Riley yet, why don't you get to know him?"

"Because…" Shawn said and sat up. "My daycare teacher said to never talk to strangers!"

"Well, he's my brother and he's really sweet." Mrs. Spencer said. "Dear heart, I'm sorry but we must run along now."

That was officially the first day Shawn Spencer had actually noticed his Uncle was in town. Shawn didn't want to spend time with his so called sweet Uncle Riley. He looked at him as a stranger, as all three-and-a-half year olds would… sometimes.

"Bye bye!" Mrs. Spencer kissed Shawn on the cheek before descending downstairs to the front door.

"Now, Shawny, be good to Riley." Mr. Shawn commanded before following his wife.

"Great," Riley grinned widely. "Okay, my sister is gone. Now you can do-" He got off of the couch. "-Whatever-" Riley stretched before yawning the words, "We want."

Shawn cocked his head to the side curiously. "Mmm, huh?" Shawn asked. "You mean like… like watch T.V.?"

"No, no no no no." Riley corrected his nephew. "We're gonna do something tremendously fun- so fun that you'll be energetic all night!"

Shawn jumped up and down. "Realy? Reallyreallyreallyreally REALLY!?"

Uncle Riley nodded. "And it's called we're going to have the best 30 minutes of our lives!"

"Hurray!" Shawn glomped his uncle. "And we're gonna bake cookies, and watch T.V. and have a pillow fight and make pillow forts and YAY!" Shawn squeezed Riley a bit more. He was better than he had thought.

But as half an hour flew by, Mr. & Mrs. Spencer hadn't come back. Shawn munched on his cookie sadly when he learned that they should've been back by then.

When 8:30 came along, Riley tucked Shawn in. "Don't worry," He smiled. "They'll be back before you know it."

"O… okay." Shawn mumbled as he nuzzled his pillow.

Next thing Shawn knew, he was being shaken by Riley early in the morning.

"Wha… what happened…?" Shawn asked lazily as Riley picked him up.

"Shawny…" Riley sighed. "Get dressed…."

Shawn cocked his head to the side. "Where's mommy and papa?"

Riley just froze in place. "They… went on another errand."

Shawn knew that 'errand' was another word for 'going shopping'. "Umm… but they were on oneys last…" Shawn just trailed off, starting to get dressed.

Riley dragged his nephew into the car very quickly. "It's okay," Riley assured him, buckling him up.

They arrived at the hospital. Shawn's eyes grew big with surprise. "Is mommy gonna have a girl?"

Riley didn't answer as he pulled Shawn from the car and onto the cold concrete.

Soon enough, the two were standing in front of two beds, bearing Shawn's parents, covered in bandages and having I.V fluids pumped into their body…

Then it was suddenly three months later, when the three (Shawn and his parents) were in enjoying family movie night, when the horrible tragedy had happened.

Two men broke into the house, equipped with dangerous kind of weapons, and they tried to kidnap the family. It was no use; however, for the Spencer couple wouldn't allow him to take their child. In frustration, they set everything in sight on fire in sight with the lighters.

Shawn screamed as a piece of wood tumbled upon him, when the whole house was on fire and breaking apart. He pleaded for being saved, but his parents didn't seem to listen… they looked cold and asleep…

Meanwhile, when Riley heard what was happening at his sister's house, he drove there to find the whole house on fire. He called around for Shawn and his sibling… but it was no use.

"SHAWN! VENESSA!" Riley screamed into the blaring fire. He heard a little sob from under a piece of rubble and dug up Shawn. Soon he ran out of the ruins, carrying his nephew with him.

"But… mommy and papa are over there!" Shawn pointed out.

"They… they won't be able to walk." Riley said quietly.

"What do you mean, every-everybody can walk!" Shawn cried.

"Shawn… your parents, there-"

"Dead." Shawn got up from the grave and looked at Riley.

"Come on, we better get going, Shawn. You can't be late." Riley pulled him away from the cemetery.

"Neither can you." Shawn stated. "Besides…. It is time for school.