Sonnet 1

So here such people Snort and Drink and Smoke

Intoxicants whisper that bliss is near

And yet my mind clouds with fright and Chokes

This (D)anger is near, this (D)anger I fear.

The first is euphoric, Now I need more

To Catch it, to Keep it, to Hold it near

This desire burns, it shakes me to my Core

I can't resist, Now this (D)anger is here.

So I need it now, time and time again

But I'm stronger than that, I will go on

I have changed now, I'm no longer the same

This (D)anger has past, this (D)anger is gone.

So now here we are, Our story is told

Live with these regrets until we grow old.

_,∙~* All But Faceless *~∙,_

I hope you like my first piece here on FictionPress

I've never tried drugs myself but I've seen the way they affect those close to me and fills me with sorrow, you can't escape reality so why procrastinate with intoxicants that do more harm than good?

Tell me what you think of the poem :)