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I started with FanFiction, but as soon as I found out there was a site for writing my own books, I came right over here. I am going to keep on working on this, and I have a gazillion other stories that I would like to share, if you are willing to read them. :D

Monday, June 7th. 9:34 pm

Hey. My name is Harper Allen, and I'm here to tell you a story. A story filled with suspense, drama, action, and death. Maybe even a little romance. It's a story of Slender, or the Slenderman.

Yeah, you've probably heard of him. The tall, thin guy in the black suit, with no face, pale skin, and a dozen tentacles coming from his back. The one who kidnaps children. The one that's all over the internet. Well, this is my documentary, my version.

Even as I write this, I know he's watching me. He's always watching. But I'm going to keep on writing, telling my tale, so that you can hear it too, and be warned. So, before I die, I'm going to get this out, and let everyone know of The Tall One.

I'm sitting on my sleeping bag, Shawn snoring on my right, Kate curled into a ball on my left, Lewis beyond that, clicking away on his laptop, and last, Alex, watching the footage from one of our cameras. I might have imagined it, but I think I saw him cringe. The noises of the forest are peaceful... as well as a little bit creepy. Every time I hear the rustling of branches, or some animal, I tense, gripping my fifteen-pound flashlight. Yeah, I told myself sarcastically. Like that's going to fight off Ol' Slendy.

First, you should know about us. We're all pretty good with cameras, and video recording equipment, and we're all around sixteen, though Alex turned seventeen recently, I believe.

Me: I'm on the shorter side, with black hair that I cut myself with a pair of safety scissors, dyed with purple streaks. My eyes are a dark brown. I think I'm part albino, because my skin is so pale that you can almost see my veins, and it never seems to tan. I call myself Master of the Sneaks, and I always dress in black. It's easier to sneak around that way. You see, I'm your average highschool delinquent, the one that always skips class and doesn't pay attention. In fact, the only subject I pay attention to is E.L.A, because my passion is writing. That's why I'm the one recording this on paper, not Shawn, Lewis, Kate, or Alex. Haha, I can just imagine Shawn trying to write all of this...

Alex: Hmm... Hard to describe Alex. Let's start with looks. He's very tall and muscular, and he towers over me, the shortest one in the group. Light brownish hair, styled in spikes on his head, and... *looks over at Alex* ... hazel eyes. I would say he has a natural charming ability and charisma, which makes him the leader of our little group. He's the only one here that's good at bossing people around.

Kate: The beautiful blond bombshell. Kate's very pretty, and you would never expect her to be friends with a group of nerds like us. Her special ability is her flexibility. Guess it comes from her being on the cheerleading squad. She can do flips, back flips, cartwheels, hand stands, back bends, and splits. Bend and stretch her limbs in ways that you wouldn't think were humanly possible, dislocate several bones, and fit into the tightest places. She has long, bouncy, golden blond curls, tan skin, and bright blue eyes. Our main camerawoman, since she has a very steady hand.

Lewis: Out of all of us, Lewis is the geekiest. A mess of curly red hair, a hint of a goatee and mustache, glasses, and thin as a twig. He's also the best with our electronics, and handles all the editing of the footage. A well-known hacker, though he goes by a different name. Lewis is a pure genius. Straight A's, in the Math Club and Honor Roll. You name it.

Shawn: Ah, Shawn. Well... Shawn's our outdoorsman, and he had set up this nice, cozy tent for us and built the fire. We think he has a photofgraphic memory. He has a perfect sense of direction, which comes in handy, out here in the woods. Especially when we're being chased by you-know-who. Also knows a lot of edible plants, which has also been pretty helpful, so far. Despite being the outdoorsman, Shawn's also a badass. He rides a dirt bike, and always wears leather jackets and ripped jeans along with his hiking boots. Mess of shaggy brown hair with blond streaks from the sun, troublemaker smile, tan, and green eyes with a mischievous glint. Tall, lean and muscular, complete opposite of me, the small, pale goth girl.

And, yes... I like him.

Well, now I'm hoping that he never reads this, because I'm using my lucky blue pen, and I can't erase it.

So, the story started about a week ago, just after school let out...

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