She sits alone, all alone. No one talks to her, but they talk about her and her family. If people do talk to her it's because they want to use her.

She did nothing wrong. She was friendly and sweet. She was really pretty too. She was born in to this. She couldn't help it, if she could have, this wouldn't have happened. She loves him, but he messed up her life completely.

Her name is Cami Starr, little sister to Hunter Starr. Hunter Starr happened to be every teen aged girls' favorite singer. She is hidden, wants to find the light, but her brother is hogging it.

"The results are in; everyone's favorite singer for the month of January is... Hunter Hayes!" Those words are etched into her head. She was over joyed, but depressed by that one poll result. She dropped her head to her knees, dark brown curls flying everywhere. Her emerald green eyes filling up with blue tears. Her bothers dream was coming true, shouldn't she be happy? She was happy for him, she truly was, but she could not help but feel left has dreams too. She always wanted to be a singer, a lot long than her brother has. People had told her she had a beautiful voice, but ever since her brother had become famous, they say she is just jealous, that she wants to steal all the attention off of him.

She wanted him to be happy, but she wanted to be happy too.I guess everyone thought that was selfish of her. She just wanted to be noticed. She wanted someone to see her. Her parents only care about her brother, who doesn't even live with them any more. He lives in a big house in Las Angeles, they live in a small town in Texas. She was right there and they don't even notice her.

She gets up and walks to the bathroom. She opens the medicine cabinet, pulls out a bottle. We are born alone, live alone, and die alone, it's only with people that we are tricked for a split second that we aren't alone. Cami had no one.

After realizing what she had done, she sits on the ground, already noticing the demand for air becoming more present. She waited for the need to not be present. She starts to heave and feels her heart rate drop to an alarmingly low rate. 'Maybe this will get me noticed,' was the last thought that she had before she takes her last breath and falls limp to the ground.

Hours later, her parents found her, blue lips and sickly gray skin. The open, empty bottle sitting on the sink counter. When they had left in the morning for work it was completely full. Next to the bottle was a piece of paper. It read,
"Everyone needs to be wanted, needs to be noticed."

I felt really bad writing this. Just know I think suicide is never the answer, and if you have a problem the best thing to dob is talk to someone. Please review this though.