earth and sky

yesterday dangled upside down inside my mind
as I lay awake at four in the morning
while smothered screams slit my throat open
and unexpectedly bled memories of winter
all over the asphalt which closely resembled
the moon's corpse outlined in chalk on the floor

you still haunt me in the middle of the night,
crying out my name in murmurs
like a lost soul imploring for mercy
and my lips got tangled with your own
as we held hands and danced with stars
bent like music notes that lay suspended
between the earth and sky while the dead vines
cremated inside my dreams slithered
like a melody around my neck

you clutched my heart within your palms
and ripped pages of my past
pumped blood unto your veins
and sucked my arteries dry

romance ballads remind me of delusions
stuck on repeat that died in the
january sunshine and we mourn
for tomorrow as it decays
into a twisted remix

and we breathe in death tonight
and breathe out love
in the afterlife