She pulled up to a light and had to suddenly stop when the light turned red. The jolt caused her to spill a chemical mix she had been holding. Just her luck, it spilled right onto a cut she had on her arm.

"Shit" she mumbled, then felt for a napkin somewhere in the car. But there wasn't one. The light turned green after a minute and she continued driving to her daughter's school. She didn't have time to worry about the spill; she was going to be late.

"Everyone quiet down or I'll get one of those little-"she pointed to her head with both hands stretched out- "little head things." Me and Ava exchanged a little glance. Then we started cracking up. Of course we didn't outright laugh, we just plugged our noses and bit our lips to stop us from laughing. I looked around the room. Apparently no one else caught that. Ms. Blandino turned around to talk to one of the three TA's. Then the door opened and Nia's mom, Stacy, walked in.

I should explain some stuff, shouldn't I? So right now me and my friend Ava are in Orchestra class. (Strings. We play Viola.) Nia's mom is a somewhat famous scientist who also plays Violin. I guess Ms. Blandino thought it was a good idea for her to come in. She walked in and everyone got silent.

"Ok this is Stacy, Nia's mom." Stacy was holding a bag which probably had medical-stuff in it. Stacy also had her violin with her. She unpacked it. Apparently she was going to connect being a doctor to playing violin. After about 15 minutes of her talking we heard a small buzz. I recognized it as a lockdown buzz. The tables weren't set up, so everyone crowded to the corner of one of the rooms. Stacy, on the other hand, fell back into a chair.

"I feel terrible…" She closed her eyes and I could tell she had drifted into a sleep. Wow something must be wrong. A few minutes passed until we realized something was terribly wrong. Stacy's face had become pale and she went limp. Ms. Blandino ran over to her. She checked for a pulse. Nothing. Then she felt Stacy's wrist wriggle just a bit. Her stomach lifted up and down and then…

Then her eyes opened.

Her eyes had grayed and they were sick-looking. With a short growl she lunged towards Ms. Blandino who was too in shock to move. Ms. Blandino was getting torn open by Stacy. The whole class was frozen in horror. This wasn't planned. I saw a few people run out the door. I didn't know whether to run or stay. One of the kids who tried to run was snatched by Stacy. Around this time, Ms. Blandino was restarting. She started running towards the corner of the room where me and all of the other kids were at. Out of the 3 kids that tried to run, I think only one made it. Me and Ava dashed to the door while Stacy and Ms. Blandino were busy. When we were about to open it, we heard a call.

"Delaney Ava heeeelp me!" I looked back. A guy in our viola class, Jake, was calling for help.

"Leave him!" Ava yelled. I couldn't. I ran towards Jake and saw that he was cornered by two zombies. I took a nearby case and threw it at the zombies. When they turned around I noticed the faces of Kaylee and Charlie. My throat choked up, and I'm not sure why.

"Come on!" I yelled. Jake started running, and just in time. We ran to the door.

"It's locked," she says. The lockdown drill!

"No! It's not! I saw Landon run out!"

"You were imaging it!"

"No!" I ran into the door and tried to open it. Come to think of it, Ms. Blandino didn't get a chance to lock it.

"It must be locked from the outside," I say. Me, Ava, and Jake all start pounding on the door.

"Oh god oh god oh god oh GOD!" I yell. Zombies were starting to notice. Tears start streaming down my cheeks as fast as lightning. The zombies were getting closer.

We were going to die. I leaned against the door.

"I CAN'T die like this! How could Landon lock it?!" I pounded once more, but I knew it wasn't worth it. Up until now I haven't noticed the screams in the background. I turned back around and I saw 3 zombies walking towards us.

"NO!" I yelled, and just as I yelled it, the door swung open. I jolted out, immediately followed by Jake and Ava. We ran out and into the hall.

"It hasn't spread outside the room," Ava said. I nodded, my eyes and cheeks red from crying.

"Everyone else is on lockdown. They won't know…"

"There's no time for that! We have to go!" Me and Ava were about to run until something stopped us. We looked back and noticed that our principle was the one who opened up the door. She closed it, and we all heard a loud scream coming from, presumably, her. She opened the door and we saw a zombie chewing on her arm. There's that choking feeling again. She starts to stagger towards us, one arm stretched out but the other on the door. Then 2 more zombies come and she struggles, but eventually falls to the ground. Dead. But not for long. We started running outside. The gate wasn't far away. We ran and opened up the door leading to the outside. I guess the zombies had figured us out, because a second later the doors opened again and 2 were running after us. If we ran towards the gate, we wouldn't be fast enough to open it. I led the three of us the other direction.

"Where are we going?!" Jake yelled.

"I don't know!" I replied. Then, it hit me. "Math!" I corrected.

"Why not the office?" Ava asked. We were already running down the sidewalk that led to the first door to get into math.

"Or that!" We walked inside the door and down the hall to the office. To our surprise, absolutely nobody was there.

"Shit!" I yelled. Moaning and groaning, two zombies were behind us. But they were different zombies. Slower. Then the door opened. We were cautious at first, thinking it was another zombie. But it was Jane, a worker in the office.

"H-help! The room! The the-" She turned around and revealed a pale, lifeless face. I screamed, and of course, she started making her way over to us. We started running back down the hall, only stopped by the two zombies that were there earlier. Then a miracle happened.

The bell rang.

Then a teenager walked in.

And Jane got her. And thus the outbreak spread. While Jane was busy, we ran to the door and outside. Someone fell and screamed, and other went to see what was happening. They didn't even notice the zombies coming up to them. We started running to the gate, when a call for help made us turn back. Nia was there. She had blood on her hands.

"Were you bit?" Ava asked. She shook her head. Me and Ava exchanged a glance then started running towards her.

"What's wrong?" Jake asked. Her eyes were extremely red.

"I need to get the medical supplies my mom left before she…" Nia trailed off, but we got the message.

"You can't go back in there," Ava chirped in. She looked up at Ava, hurt in her eyes.

"I have to. Please." She was asking us to go with her.

"We have to get to the gate," Ava reminds us as we're walking to orchestra. I nod.

"In this case though… It's better to have medical supplies," Nia says. We slowly open the door. There are fifth grader zombies at the corner, gnawing on an 8th grader.

"I'll go in," Nia offers. She slowly opens the orchestra room door. We hear loud moans and groans of all sorts. She makes her way in.

"I hope she gets out all right," I whisper. Jake nods. A few minutes later, Nia comes out.

"How did you do it?!" Jake asks. She shakes her head. Her eyes looked even more red.

"Okay now we have to make our way to the gate," Ava says. We walk at first, then after realizing where we were, we started running. Luckily the zombies started to move south, (towards the math room) away from the gate. We run to the gate. It was tall and red. Kneeling in front of it is a familiar blonde, Landon.

"Landon!' I yelled. I immediately cover my mouth, realizing that he might turn around and be a zombie. He doesn't turn around, or move for the matter. Ava runs over to the gate and tries to open it. I guess it doesn't work, because a second later she is shaking it. When I turn around to see if Landon was a zombie or not, he stands up.

"I'm jumping it," he says. He really meant climb, because the gate was too tall to jump. It wasn't linked or changed either, it was metal. Flat metal.

"Landon it's impossible to climb!" Jake explains. He tried to climb anyway, sliding down the metal, failing. And it looks like his hands were burning too. Even though it was Winter. He kneels down again, this time covering his face with his hands.

"We have to go," I say, looking at the zombies approaching. A lot of the school was already turned.

"Not without Landon!" Jake exclaims.

"Landon come with us. We are your only survival chance here," I say. Ava irritably sighs.

"Well if you need us, we're going to south building," Ava says, and walks off. Then Nia does, then Jake. I pause, going to say something, but I decide not to. I run to catch up with them.

"If the outbreak started in the orchestra room, chances are that there aren't any zombies in the south or north building, but there are probably teachers," I say.

"Wow… Where did you learn this sort of stuff?" Nia asks.

"I became a zombie junkie not too long ago. I have some pretty good survival skills," I boast. We are running pretty fast, so we get to ASA south quick.

"Wait. Let's go to North and see Ms. Meador instead," I suggest.

"Do we want to go back out?" Ava asked.

"Do we want to go forward?" Nia added. We walked back outside. There was only one zombie around the area. We quietly ran to ASA North and up the stairs. We skirted around the corner and into Ms. Meador's room. Ms. Meador was our choir teacher. She was in there, on her computer.

"You guys-" she looks up and sees the blood on Nia's hands. She stands up.

"What happened?!"

"Zombies…" Jake says. Ms. Meador's eyes widen. "You're joking." (Ms. Meador was always a slightly fun teacher.)

"No I'm not! You can go see for yourself!" Ms. Meador walks over to the phone.

"I'm calling the office." Not going to be any use. I guess it doesn't answer, so she puts the phone down. She starts walking towards her door.

"I wonder where my class is," she mumbles. Have you not paid attention to us at all?! She opens the door and walks outside.

"Mmm I don't like that. We should follow her," Ava says. I don't know if I agree.

"I don't know, seems risky," I say.

"Then I'll follow her. If she's the last teacher left, we'll need her. She'll probably have a key or something."

"Maybe. . . What about Landon?" I ask. "We told him to go to ASA South…"

"Landon obviously doesn't need us. He was too busy being a tight-ass," Ava says as she starts walking towards the door. Jake tries to run and stop her, but I stop him.

"Don't try," I say. He pauses, then walks over to a chair and sits down.

"I mean- I mean this is a freaking zombie apocalypse!" Jake exclaims. "At school!" He adds, laughing a bit.

"And we can't even escape! There isn't even any food around here!" It's true.

"Yeah because ASA is run by cold-hearted rich bastards," I whisper. Then an idea hits me.

"The phone! I'll use the phone!" I run over to the phone and dial my mom's number. She doesn't pick up.

"Okay okay um…" I dial my sister's phone. Nothing.

"What the fuck is wrong with this phone?!" I get so mad, but in reality, I was more scared.

"GRAAAAAAAAAA!" I yell. Jake runs over to me and puts his hand on my shoulders and pulls me back.

"Delaney calm down!"

"Okay…Okay I will. I am. I'm calm." Jake is reluctant, but he lets me go.

"But I'm trying again." I walk back over to the phone. Once again I dial my mom's phone number. But in a calm manner. It goes straight to voice mail. Her phone is dead. Just then the door swings open and Ava walks in.

"Yeah we have a problem. Last teacher alive? Not anymore." What?! She was our last hope!


"We still have to sweep the school, see if there's any survivors," Ava says. I nod.

"And if we really are stuck here we'll need weapons," I add.

"Me and Nia'll take the area closer to the gate," I say.

"No. We'll need someone to stay here." Ava looks to Nia. She nods. Me, Ava, and Jake start to walk towards the door.

"We'll only have to stay here today, our parents will come and pick us up," Jake says. And how would they get in here? I think smart-assy. We walk down the hallway and to the door that leads to the staircase.

"Hey why don't we take the elevator?" Jake asks. I turn to face him.

"The first rule in the zombie apocalypse is to NOT TAKE ELEVATORS." We walk down the stairs. When we walk outside the door and idea hits me.

"If we really do have to stay here for a while, we should probably get lots of water," I say.

"Jeez you've already lost hope?"

"What? I'm just trying to think two steps ahead," I say. She starts walking faster.

"What's wrong with her?" I whisper in Jake's ear. He shrugs. There are zombies scattered around the courtyard. Backpacks on the sidewalk. Then there was a circle of zombies. I had no idea what they were doing. If I were my old self, I would've said, "Ah there mobbing," but things have changed.

A lot of things have changed in this past hour or so. We might be the only people alive. But school would be over very soon and parents would come to pick up their many children. I looked back to the circle of zombies and they were feasting on something. I tried to see what, but I could only make out blonde hair. Choking sensation. Landon was dead. It was just us. We walk past the office and only a little farther. Ava turns to the vestibule and we walk inside. To our left was a wall. Wood wall. To our right was one of the men's bathrooms. And in front of us was the door to 7th grade English, where our viola technique class was. Whenever we went to orchestra, we came here first and unpacked our stuff then went to the orchestra room. Ava slowly opens the door. Thank god nobody was in there. We walk in and get our backpacks. And we scavenge through some other backpacks. I pick up a water bottle and a lunch box. I open it up hoping to find food, but there is none.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

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