Your body is a soda can

Every time you see him is a time you shake the can

Each time the lid is coming closer to coming off

For years

You've bottle up these feelings

These feeling of betrayal, resentment, and hatred.

You try to keep from saying something the wrong way

So you don't say anything at all

When you have to speak to him you say as few words as possible

When you're stuck in the same place you wish the bell would ring

All because of one event years ago

Your study hall becomes torture

Your conversations with others nightmares

And your life a little shell

A soda can ready to burst

All because of that one person, many years ago,

A/N: So, the other day I went to talk to my neighbor and lo and behold the kid from "Friendship Lost in the Sea." Showed up.

I actually told the person I was talking to "I'm gonna go now before I do something I'll regret."

I mouthed it so the person I don't exactly get along with didn't know what I said.

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