The sun filtered through the clouds, the warm breeze lift up her hair, and the half cheeky smirk of hers; showed her obvious mischievous character, with her scarred face was a perfect combination of beauty. It truly captivated everyone who knows her.

True enough she often receive the stares of numerous disdain stares from strangers and they would rudely mutter all around her. Surprising even though she can sense the stares she attracted, she was not overwhelm with it. However it did not stop her from being confident of her looks. Sadly to say, she is never the same after an unfortunate event.

The thought of it brought disconsolate tears welled up in my eyes and the cold fingers of sadness gripped my heart and squeezed. The scene of her being confident of her looks seems so vague and distant, like it really never ever happened before.

Lilacs have always been a cheerful and optimistic for her whole life, born with a silver spoon and have looks that can keep every guy or girl salivating for. Most importantly, she has a kind heart and a wide and winsome smile surrounding her olive complexion. She always reached out a helping hands for the less unfortunate, never once looked down on them. In fact she has an inspiring quote, something like her signature quote "one is never ugly with a kind and pretty heart".

As the saying goes "curiosity kills a cat". However jealousy can actually start a world war 3. That is how scary jealousy can be.

Jealousy... jealousy. How can jealousy happens without another partner? Well you should know she is definitely not important at all, she is just another girl. Okay probably not just A girl but a group of them. They all had this awful striking pink on them; it's either on their heads, their clothes or their shoes. They are just so typical awful girly girls with obviously no fashion sense except for one particular one. Similar to lilac she is named after a flower, Rosie. She is young-looking with a sweet smile. Not only that she has this long and beautiful hair and a deep set of brown eyes, one you can drown forever in. Just like everyone else she is not perfect, she has an own flaws too. Everyone has different opinion, some may think it's a minor problem, others might think it's a big problem. So make your own decisions whether it's a small or big problem alright? The flaw I have been going on and on is that she can never be contended, she always wants more and more.

Alright, alright enough of her lets continue with the plot.

Jealousy- so jealousy will make you do things you will never thought of doing. The scheming group of girls make use of lilac innocence and kindness to trick her into the room with their fake self –pity. Once lilac is in the room, they locked her up and set fire on the storage room. Although they meant it as an evil prank but dear Rosie was hiding in the room and pushed lilac on the floor; against the hot surface of the tiles and quickly scramble away. What a coward...

Within seconds, pained started to engulf lilac. She was immense pain till the numbness took over and finally she was unable to feel her right cheeks. Tears of grief that had welled up in her eyes had left salty track that journey down her cheeks. A combination of helplessness and fear cause her bones to rattle. After regaining composure then she realizes her pants had caught on fire, so instantly she pushed herself and ran out of the storage and rolled on the nearest overgrown grasses to put out the fire.

Lilac couldn't contain herself and her scream rose skywards in a dreadful and ear-piercing manner. Holding her hands so tightly that her knuckle went white, she collapses on the pavement, gently with respect she asked god; why her, how could people be so cruel, how could they…

She didn't think of plotting revenge but she called the police anyway. Although she didn't know who the girls were but they were quite distinctive so she tried her best to give a detailed report while she was on the way to the hospital.

"Good gracious, lilac what happened to you? My poor baby" cried out her mum. Her dad maintaining his composure walked in briskly to see her beautiful daughter (pshhhhh her father has something against running so…)

The stretch, warm arms around brought comfort to her and it had somehow soothes her that her parents weren't as superficial as she thought. They truly love her, no matter what she had become. She rubbed her eyes in joyful disbelief because she had looked herself in the mirror countless of times, although she wasn't badly burned but she was burned, that is the hateful fact. Her right cheeks is partially covered with scars that can never disappear on their own, but what brought tears of joy in her eyes is no amount of scars can make her parents love her less.

"Baby girl umm… do you like, you know want to go for a plastic…" her dad stammered, knowing her daughter quote by heart but want to try his luck anyway.

"No! Daddy, I don't want to. You should know me better." Lilac cut him off with defiance and anger in her voice.

"By the way, where is Evelyn?" said lilac with a tinge of sadness in her voice as her precious sister is not here to visit her.

Breathing a sigh of relief, when she was told that Evelyn was in school and she is on her way to the hospital now. Evelyn and lilac shared a very special bond, as they have a very close relationship as the age gap between them is only of 2 years. One of another reason why they are so close is because, in every rich family, there is always have the existence of busy parents forever only prioritise their business. Although lilac parents have always shown their care and concern but still they are not always there for their two daughters so lilac and Evelyn depended on each other, sharing a bond no one can compare to.

Therefore the answer from her dad somehow made lilac feel better as the thought of her precious sister not caring about her will just breaks her heart.

In no time, lilac is released from the hospital after all those tiring body check-ups. Ever since then, lilac had accepted the fact she is no longer as pretty as before in human eyes, at least she is not unless they know how nice of a person lilac is.

Nevertheless, she is still herself, her old self, being helpful and joyful. In addition to all the happy things, she is closer to her sister then ever too; taking numerous amount of photographs and even went to make up lesson together after so much pestering from Evelyn.

In the meantime, the police are still looking for the criminals but the progress was very slow due to the lack of information.

Due to the slow progression, lilac had totally forgotten about the police case. In fact she doesn't care anymore since now; she knows who are the important people who truly love her for her and not because of her looks. Somehow she is also thankful for her scars.

Thick black clouds and thunder rolled in from the west and a heavy downfall followed up. It was a wet and humid day everyone was restless and easily annoyed. Lilac plans for the day ad gone down the drain as they obviously can't go surfing in such weather. So instead of wasting the day away, Evelyn decided to sit down and cuddle on the couch with lilac to watch the sister's keeper.

Out of the blue the bell rang, joyfully lilac buzz the maid to let her know that she will open the gate, allowing her maid to finish up her chores peacefully.

Through the peek hole, lilac saw two smartly dressed officers standing outside the gate. "Hmm…is the TV too loud?" lilac thought with a puzzled mind.

"Excuse me miss, is Rosie Evelyn Weiz in?" asked in a deep firm voice.

"Uhhh… yes…she is. But what's the matter?" lilac answered somewhat reluctantly.

"Sorry to say but she is involved with hurting a girl named lilac Angelina Weiz. Which I believed is you miss." Declare the police.

Tears welled up in her eyes. "NO! Not my sister, no … don't..." she thought feeling beaten up. Somehow the rain seemed appropriate as an endless ocean of grief consumed her mind. Lilac broke down, with tears blurred her too-clear sight; she stumble backwards, fingers clinging desperately on the shelf to support her.

Just in time, Rosie skipped her way to her sister "hey what took you so long…" exclaimed Rosie Evelyn Weiz.

"How…how could you…me…to do this …to me…why?" wailed lilac.

Shocked Evelyn, was stunned when she saw the policeman and the tears in her sister eyes. The policeman like a real professionals walked up to Evelyn/ Rosie to handcuff her.

The last thing lilac heard from her sister will be forever etched in her heart, "I was never good nigh compare to you, NEVER!"

This shattered lilac completely. She didn't know what to do or what to think. She muffled herself in darkness every day. Her parents slowed down their working pace and take turns to take care of lilac as she was finally diagnosed with depressions.

As for Rosie, she was sentenced to jail for 2 years for purposely injured an innocent and she needed to do community help for 3 years.

The bonded sister eventually broke up as lilac refuses to visit or even see Evelyn. Similarly due to the disappointment Evelyn gave to her parents, they refuse to see her too. Rosie relationship with her family became very estranged. As no one went to visit her, no one at all, not her friends nor her family.

As for me, I'm the doctor of lilac and I have just written the life story of her life. How jealousy can blind people.