Notes: This is a story I've been working on for a couple of months. The only issue I've been having is with how to start it ever since losing the original copy due to a severely unfortunate computer death. This is really only an intro, like a prologue, if you will. Like I said in the summary, reviews are appreciated, constructive criticism is always needed. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

The last of them fell as broken and bloodied corpses before her. She could feel herself changing. She couldn't stop it. The sword growled in her hand. It needed more. She needed more. Her black eyes turned yellow, her black hair fell on her face and she marched forward. One was still breathing.

She watched him crawl, a savage grin playing across her pale face. She dug her boot underneath him and flipped him over. The soldier stared up at her in horror. He did his best to squeeze out the words "please, don't" through the blood draining from his lips.

She heard him. She didn't care. She drove her blade up his stomach, slowly. He convulsed, and she watched him slowly fade from life. Her grin grew increasingly savage as she felt the life drain into her. She pulled her sword from the corpse and then drove it into the ground. Her head spun with an agonizing pain. It's been there ever since...

She dropped to her knees. The yellow colour left her eyes, returning them to their natural black. This wasn't her. She wasn't a monster. She eyed the sword, the bloody, tainted sword. It called to her. The song, the sound of men, women, and children dancing and singing to the beat of haunting drums.

It wanted to come out again. It wanted the sword. It wanted blood. She needed It. She grabbed the hilt and picked herself up, then the earth opened up before her. She fell into it, plunging into the darkness. And then she woke.