Ariel Slater P.O.V. (POINT OF VIEW):

I have 'blackouts'... Well,that's what I call them.

I don't know what happens during my 'blackouts'.

Do I fall asleep?

Pass out?

Die for 3 or 4 hours?

Then awake?

Even when I sleep,I will awake with different clothes on,random texts in my cell,and alcohol in my breath.

I cannot control these 'blackouts'...Sometimes I wake somewhere else... My car,my front steps,once I awoke in someones house,I left before he/or she,knew I was there.


"What?" I say,jumping back to reality,unaware of what was going on in my English class.

"Would you mind answering the question please?" asks again.

"Uh..uh,um." I stutter, the bell rings loudly, "Sorry Mr.P,gotta go." I say,briskly grabbing my things and rushing out.

" Ariel?" He says firmly in his deep voice. I pause at the doorway,my class mates swinging past me to get out.

"Yes?" I sigh,turning to him with a grin.

"About yesterday in class..." He begins."I didn't call your parents because you are one of my best students,but if it happens again,I will."

"What exactly happened yesterday?" I ask worriedly,yesterday I had fallen asleep in class and...Oh.

He looks up at me with aggravated eyes, "Ariel.. You know good and well what you did... You may go now."

I turn slowly and leave.

"Ariel!" My friend,Cam,yells after me. I keep walking. "Ariel!"

"Hey,I gotta go,I'm going to be late." I say behind me,rushing away quickly. I don't feel like entertaining him.

I open my locker door just as the finale class bell rings. "Damn." I whisper under my breath.
The door creeks open and a single piece of falls out. I set my books up on the shelf and pick it up,unwrapping it gracefully.

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
I don't believe we have ever interacted.
But I would like to.
Please check one of the boxes below and leave this note in locker 217.
[ ] - I want to talk to you more.
[ ] - Leave me alone you weird stalker!

I smile at this poor boys humor,grab a pen and check the box. I lug my gym bag over my right shoulder.

On my way to class I slip the note in a locker marked 217.

As I begin opening the girls locker room door,I topple backwards. Slamming my body against the wall,sliding down my vision goes blurry,and I'm out like a light.